Pod Dylan #164 – Gotta Serve Somebody


Episode 164 - Gotta Serve Somebody

Rob welcomes fellow Bobcat Paul Ruther to discuss "Gotta Serve Somebody", the opening track from 1979's SLOW TRAIN COMING.

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One response to “Pod Dylan #164 – Gotta Serve Somebody

  1. Great show, I always like to hear you talk about the hits. This was the first one I heard as it came out. Love that groove. Embarrassed to admit I did not know Mark Knopfler was involved until recently, probably because of your show.

    Its only over the last year or two, and also because of your show, that I have had any interest in the ‘born again’ period outside of this song. Now I see that was incredibly dense of me! I am going to give Trouble No More a try today on Apple Music as I complete my weekend chores.

    Thanks Paul, appreciate hearing about your experiences and perspectives.

    Keep pressing on y’all!

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