Pod Dylan #17 – It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue



Rob welcomes back fellow Dylan obsessive Jon Glyn to talk about "It's All Over Now, Baby Blue", the closing track from 1965's BRINGING IT ALL BACK HOME.

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11 responses to “Pod Dylan #17 – It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue

  1. Welcome to the Five-Timers Club, John! You’re always welcome so long as you don’t insult a Beatle. Feel free to bag on Jeff Lynne, however.

    Great installment, Rob! Glad you got a good host to cover one of the true classics of the Dylan catalog.

  2. This is one of my favorite Bob Dylan songs, but my journey towards it was rather unconventional.

    In 1996, before I really got into Bob Dylan, I picked up the Beck album ODELAY. Despite a handful of catchy singles like “Devil’s Haircut” and “The New Pollution” my favorite song on the album was–by a wide margin–“Jack-Ass”. It was completely unlike any other song on the album; it was somber and introspective. During one of my many repeat listens, my dad came in and recognized the music: not the song, just the music. He’s the one who told me that Beck sampled the music track from a Van Morrison song (technically Them). He dug out his old vinyl copy of THEM AGAIN and played the song for me.

    I instantly recognized the sampled track, but I was blown away by how much better I liked Van Morrison’s song. The lyrics and the orchestration were even more somber and introspective and beautiful than anything I was listening to at the time (“Suck it, Oasis!”).

    As if that hadn’t already blown my mind, my dad dropped the second bombshell that Morrison’s song was a cover of a Bob Dylan song. So he played the Dylan version for me and that song was so incredible, too! I was floored by the layers of musicality and art, past and present, that had been opened to me in such a short period of time, and I flat-out asked my father if he’d been keeping any other secrets from me…

    And that’s when he told me the horrible truth about my mom, but I guess that story will have to wait until you cover “Boots of Spanish Leather”…

    Anyway, great episode, guys!

    1. Ha! That’s a real roundabout way to find a Dylan masterpiece. I haven’t heard those versions either. Gonna look them up.

  3. Hey Rob, still enjoying the Bobcast (go figure). One thing I really latched on to in this episode was the discussion of Bob being so prolific in 1965 and the years that followed. Have you considered doing a Bob 101 episode to give newcomers an overview of the man’s career, the big picture, phases, ups and downs, etc?

      1. I’d be up for that too. I knew very little coming into the show, only the stuff most passing listeners would know. But a Bob 101 Special would be much appreciated!


  4. Just finishing up this episode, but I have a stupid question: would it be possible to play any of the songs in their entirety after you’re done discussing them? There’s something really odd about waiting for the song to play after an episode that I realized kept me coming back consistently from one episode to the next. I guess it comes from listening to decades of radio; I’m conditioned now to hear discussion of a song before listening to the song itself. Clearly the problem is with me…

    1. Sphinx-

      I would love to play whole songs, but other than some rare cases, I would sued six ways to Sunday for doing so–by Sony Music, by Apple, etc. I’d essentially be distributing Bob’s work for free, so I think the only thing I can get away with is short clips.

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