Pod Dylan #2 – Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door


Episode 2 - Knockin' on Heaven's Door

Rob welcomes fellow Fire and Water Network All-Star Siskoid (LONELY HEARTS ROMANCE COMICS PODCAST) to talk about Bob Dylan's 1973 anthem, "Knockin' on Heaven's Door."

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6 responses to “Pod Dylan #2 – Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door

  1. Wonderful opening episode(s) to the podcast. I am a Dylan fan. (Although, my wife and I are more Springsteen fans. We saw him on St, Patty’s Day at the LA Arena. Awesome!) If you need someone to join in in the future, I would gladly take part. My first thought was to discuss “Desolation Row”. (The first Dylan song I loved.) But… maybe better… since you claim an inability to sing (The Warrior!), I would gladly discuss Talkin’ World War III Blues and, maybe, adding Talkin’ Bear Mountain Picnic Massacre Blues on the tail end. Then, we could all “sing” along and discuss. Plus, the topical/ political stuff from those moments in time are so good.

    Standing aside from that,… wonderful job, Rob. Fantastic idea for a podcast.

  2. Thanks for the kind words Dan! Appreciate you listening and your comments. “Desolation Row”…oof, that’ll be an hour-long episode, just unpacking everything going on in that song.

    I love Springsteen too! I was at a Dylan concert in ’94 where he brought Bruce (and Neil Young) onstage for an encore. One of my life’s great moments.

  3. I think if if my wife and I were at a concert and Dylan, Springsteen and Neil Young appeared on stage together my wife would faint dead away. And, that would be a shame because there would be no one there to catch me when I fainted.

    Desolation Row would be a podcast with an attached PDF delineating all the metaphors and allusions within and we still wouldn’t hit on half of it. It might make for a good 2-parter. The episode could end at the start of the 6th verse: “Who is this Dr. Filth? And what exactly is in that leather cup? And why is Einstein dressing as Robin Hood? And what does the Phantom of the Opera have to do with any of this? Tune in next time…”

    And, I apologize, I meant to share the podcast on Twitter & FB. But, one of the podcasts I’m on just had a new episode up… and today is all about the JLI Podcast, which I will be listening to shortly. I will share Pod Dylan Monday or Tuesday.

    Thanks again for all the hours of entertainment. I hope you’re having an excellent day.

  4. Nice first couple of episodes! I will admit, I am not a huge Dylan fan, but I admire the man nonetheless. I will also admit I have never seen Pat Garret and Billy the Kid, which is weird, because I am a western fan. I need to seek this film out, ASAP. As a big fan of Johnny Cash and all the artists who orbited him in some way, I’m surprised to find out Kris Kristofferson is the lead in this film. Oddly enough, he and Dylan have a lot in common: both are songwriters which have been covered by tons of other artists to varying degrees of success, and both have very…unique voices. I still like both of their voices, despite Kristofferson often being unable to carry a tune in a bucket.

    Plus, Slim PIckens! Given my affinity for Blazing Saddles, I’m going to have to seek this film out like NOW. Man, this did kind of sort of turn into an odd side episode of Film and Water, and that’s not a bad thing!


  5. I’m late to this podcast but I really enjoyed it. Thanks so much and I’ll try to catch up on the backlog of episodes. Dylan has written so many great songs and that means we are all in for a long haul – which is fine by me. Pat Garrett is a superb film and Dylan’s soundtrack works brilliantly throughout it. it’s a must see if you’re a movie buff and/or a Dylan fan.

    1. You have a LOT of great content in front of you. I can’t believe Rob started with me, a clear neophyte, but the quality of guests spikes upward immediately afterwards and stays up there.


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