Pod Dylan #20 – When He Returns


Episode 20 - When He Returns

Rob welcomes back Prof. Alan Middleton (DORKNESS TO LIGHT) to talk about "When He Returns", the final song from Bob Dylan's 1979 album SLOW TRAIN COMING.

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8 responses to “Pod Dylan #20 – When He Returns

  1. Excellent podcast, i appreciate how you compared Slow Train to a protest album. I’ve said before this was Bob’s last great protest album, I like how you compared this album to Times Are A-Changin’. I see this as almost a companion song to ‘Restless Farewell,’ both are the final songs on their albums, even having parallel verses:

    Truth is an arrow and the gate is narrow that it passes through
    But if the arrow is straight
    And the point is slick
    It can pierce through dust no matter how thick

  2. Great show, and a classy discussion fellas. I know I’m always comparing Dylan to Cash, but that’s my wheelhouse, so I have to say this sounds like a slightly softer version of Johnny’s “When the Man Comes Around.”

    And his vocal does sound great here.


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