Pod Dylan #3 – Handle With Care


Episode 3 - Handle With Care

Rob welcomes writer/illustrator and long time Nuclear Sub David Ace Gutierrez to talk about "Handle With Care", the first single from The Traveling Wilburys!

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12 responses to “Pod Dylan #3 – Handle With Care

  1. I remember that when “Handle With Care” came out, I only really knew Roy Orbison. I grew up on AM country and oldies, so he was the only ambassador from that world. I was extremely enamored with George Harrison’s “Got My Mind Set On You,” to the point where I got “Cloud Nine” on cassette as a present, but I wasn’t familiar enough with the Beatles outside the most common bubblegum stuff for that connection to matter much to me. I was aware of Bob Dylan’s existence via parodies, but I doubt I could have named one of his songs. Tom Petty wasn’t a thing for me until “Full Moon Fever,” and to this day I couldn’t pick Jeff Lynne out of a line-up of dudes with large limp perms and sunglasses.

    I’d also say George is my favorite Beatle, if only due to a lack of ambivalence and my great affection for the distinctive gentle weep of his guitar. It more than anything else turned those Lennon demos on the Archives into Beatles songs. Like everyone else, I became a fan of Tom Petty in 1989 and am still fond of his stuff up through the mid-90s. I’m currently reacquainting myself with the half dozen or so Dylan albums in my collection. I can name one or two pleasant enough ELO songs.

    I’m glad Roy Orbison’s final years were so swell. His resurgence began a few years earlier, when David Lynch used “In Dreams” to great effect in Blue Velvet, and helped lead into the concert film Roy Orbison and Friends: A Black and White Night that still turns up during PBS pledge drives a quarter century on. It says a lot that he was a legend among legends, and I think at least three of these guys will live on through musical eternity.

    1. Thanks for the comment Frank.

      It seemed like Roy Orbison was one of those buried treasures just waiting to be rediscovered, because as soon as his songs got put in front of a new audience, people ate it up.

      His non-appearance in the TW video for “End of the Line” is sad, but I guess it makes “Handle with Care” all the more special, since its the only time you see the five of them together.

  2. I loved the Travelling Wilburys! I was a Beatles fanboy, and knew most of the members of the Wilburys by the work.

    Rediscovered Orbison through this album…

    … But “Tweeter and The Monkeyman” performed by Dylan was my absolute favorite song on the first Wilburys album.

    1. Thanks for the comment Alex!

      Yeah, I love “Tweeter and the Monkey Man” as well. It works as both a parody of Bruce Springsteen songs and a “real” song in its own right.

      Plus, with its mentions of both NJ and Florida, I guess it’s the official Fire and Water theme song!

      1. Really learning a lot through this podcast. Dylan’s long career has intersected with my awareness a couple of times… Can’t wait till you cover more if the ones I know.

        But the ones I don’t Know, I get to try out for the first time through Spotify!

  3. I absolutely love this song. It cultivated a love for Harrison, Orbison and Petty for me personally. I knew of Tom Petty, he being a mainstay of the MTV generation. Harrison came back strong at just the right time, and I discovered he was behind my favorite Beatles songs. And Roy Orbison…my mom was a fan, and who DOESN’T love Orbisons’ voice? At around the same time, The Highwaymen formed over on the country side of things, and I am a big fan of them as well, mostly due to Johnny Cash, who is MY Bob Dylan (no offense)!

    Sirius XM now has a Tom Petty Radio station, and they are playing a lot of Wilburys. Great stuff!!!

    Thanks for pushing Rob into doing this David! I’m learning something new every episode.


    1. Rob – I finished listening to all three episodes of POD DYLAN! I’m so happy you are doing this project. Your joy shines through. Great to hear David and Siskoid on the show too!

      As you read this next part, I promise I’ll get to a point with all this… As you often tell me, I need to get out of the house more often. Music is a perfect example. I haven’t listened to the radio on a regular basis since 2001, and almost never buy music anymore (unless it’s movie soundtracks, or for my kids). I got rid of most of my CDs many, many years ago, only retaining a small few. Also worth mentioning, in the late 1980s and early 1990s, I almost exclusively listened to hair metal. Guns N Roses, Skid Row, and a zillion other bands (most minor groups that don’t even qualify as one-hit wonders). I’ve lost touch with music and can’t really articulate on the subject.

      With all that said, these two CDs were purchased off the shelf shortly after release. And I’ve kept them all these years. I don’t know music, and I’m not sure if I’ll have much more to comment on the remaining POD DYLAN episodes. But I bought these and loved them.

  4. Thought for sure this was the first place I ever heard Dylan, but now I realize it must’ve been We Are the World.

    Great discussion!

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