Pod Dylan #40 – Po’ Boy


Episode 40 - Po' Boy

Rob welcomes back musician Jared Scott London to discuss "Po' Boy", from 2001's LOVE AND THEFT. Call room service, tell 'em to send up a room!

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2 responses to “Pod Dylan #40 – Po’ Boy

  1. Hey Rob, I agree with you on Triplicate. There are some great moments and I like it when the songs get more upbeat. There does seem to be more of an epic feel to Triplicate as if the previous two LPs were a mere build up to it. Cleary there are some themes running through these songs with each disc given its own title. What is Bob saying to us? I’m still thinking about it and will be for years to come. But my initial impression is these songs are hardy light diversions – there are deep themes that seem to revolve around the passage of time, memory, and meaning out of mystery. The final track “Why Was I Born” asks the ultimate question for us all I suppose! Anyway, the record is growing on me and I like the universe of these songs. One more point in relation to Love and Theft and Triplicate: Dylan was asked about living in the post 9/11 world and he replied “People will have to change their internal world” in one of his most cryptic statements. Maybe Triplicate is putting that idea into practice?

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