Pod Dylan #45 – Mississippi


Episode 45 - MISSISSIPPI

Rob welcomes Dylan fan Trevor Dawson to discuss "Mississippi", from Bob Dylan's 2001 album "LOVE & THEFT."

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8 responses to “Pod Dylan #45 – Mississippi

  1. I think I called dibs on this song. Was I busy this week or something?

    Actually, Trevor did a much better job than I would have done. Great job covering one of my Top 10 Dylan songs!

  2. Great episode! I wasn’t really aware of this song, but I liked what I heard. Just from the clip at the end, I do get Trevor’s critique of Crowe’s version being Bangles-esque, but I like Crowe and The Bangles, so it sounded good to me. 🙂

    Nice to hear two guys who know their stuff talking about it. Hope Trevor returns soon.


    1. Thanks for listening Chris! For whatever reason, I tend to be more partial to women’s covers of Bob songs than men’s. Of top 5 or so fav Dylan covers, 3 of them are by women. I wouldn’t put Crow’s cover of Mississippi that high up, but I like how she turbo-charged the song.

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