Pod Dylan #5 – When You Gonna Wake Up


Episode 5 - When You Gonna Wake Up

Rob welcomes Prof. Alan Middleton (DORKNESS TO LIGHT) to talk about "When You Gonna Wake Up", from Bob Dylan's 1979 album SLOW TRAIN COMING.

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4 responses to “Pod Dylan #5 – When You Gonna Wake Up

  1. I had my own “born again” period, but I went from being raised as a thoroughly unconvinced and uncommitted Southern Baptist to unconverted but practicing Reform Jew who regularly attended services/study/etc. It was rewarding at first, but self-righteous hobgoblins of the mind started creeping in, and I didn’t care for the inclinations that engendered in me. Further, virtually anything in a religious vein cannot stand up to scrutiny, and I was still living an unsatisfying existence, so my own soul turned to vapor instead of steel.

    Point being, I can relate to Dylan’s newfound religious conviction and its later withering away, but I have exactly zero interest in this musical period.

  2. This episode was a really great surprise. It’s not often the spiritual part of my life intersects with the nerdy part. Professor Alan has a terrific approach to gently sharing his faith.

  3. Man, I hope I’m as classy as Professor Alan when I grow up.

    I wasn’t too aware of this period of Dylan until you started the show Rob. As a huge Johnny Cash fan, I’ve always found it interesting how he juxtaposed his very sincere beliefs with some of his darker, grungier songs, but I know he played songs like “Delia” and “Cocaine Blues” right along with “Peace in the Valley” and “In the Sweet By and By”. So it’s fascinating to think Dylan put his catalog on hold during this period only to play faith-based songs. Wow!



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