Pod Dylan #55 – Girl From The North Country w/ Johnny Cash


Episode 55 - Girl From The North Country w/Johnny Cash

Rob welcomes the host of THE HUSTLE PODCAST Jon Lamoreaux to discuss Bob Dylan's duet with Johnny Cash on "Girl From The North Country", the opening track to Bob's 1969 album NASHVILLE SKYLINE.

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5 responses to “Pod Dylan #55 – Girl From The North Country w/ Johnny Cash

  1. Solid show! I liked that there was some debate here. I don’t agree with Jon necessarily, but I think it’s good to have someone I consider a “civilian” – in the sense that he’s not another Superfan.

    That said, banned from the show.

  2. I heard Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash’s version of “Ring of Fire” before I heard this album. At the time, I had no idea about their collaboration and I didn’t even know the other voice was Dylan’s, as the song file I was listening to wasn’t labeled. It wasn’t until maybe a year later that I heard NASHVILLE SKYLINE and made the connection.

  3. Great show, I enjoyed the trip to the Nashville Skyline!

    The first version of this song I ever heard was on Pete Townshends All the Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes. I loved it right away, and if you have not heard it, I encourage you to check it out. Later I thought it was interesting he did not credit Dylan but listed as Traditional or something.

    Thanks for clueing us in about The Hustle, sounds very cool and I will be checking it out

  4. I unabashedly love this version of “Girl from the North Country” warts and all. I think the hiccups add to the strange ethereal quality of remembering someone from long ago, and trying to convey that to another person.

    I’m definitely going to check out “The Hustle”. I was fascinated with “Behind the Music” during it’s heyday, and the Done-in-One stories were the most intriguing!


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