Pod Dylan #6 – Lay Lady Lay


Episode 6 - Lay Lady Lay

Rob welcomes Max Romero (IT'S PLASTIC MAN) to talk about the hit single "Lay Lady Lay", from Bob Dylan's 1969 album NASHVILLE SKYLINE.

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4 responses to “Pod Dylan #6 – Lay Lady Lay

  1. One of my favorite Dylan songs. Interesting that he “turned” on the song at one point. I always wondered how artists deal with such songs when the inspiration goes south. Usually they just plug away at them because, hey, it made them a lot of money, and the audience expects it. But leave it to Dylan to go the creative route. 🙂

    Great episode!


  2. A lot of my favorite country songs were produced in the late ’60s under the influence of Phil Spectre’s “Wall of Sound,” such as Glen Campbell’s “Wichita Lineman” and Elvis Presley’s “Kentucky Rain.” This isn’t quite that though, since I hear the complex arrangement, but not the country. “Lay Lady Lay” just sounds like folk pop to me, but it’s probably the warmest and most accessible song in the Dylan discography. Like Max, I always picture that big brass bed with the afternoon sun shining through diaphanous drapes, but I also see Dylan singing to the period singer Melanie on that bed (whose cover I think is on her greatest hits album.)

  3. Thanks for all these podcast show! Love all the little trivia about his Bobness! Its great to listen to while travelling. Maybe you can point to some sources where you got all your information from, like threads books, etc. Kind regards from Holland!

  4. I heard Bob recorded it as a challenge to himself to see if he could make a hit like Neil Young’s Heart of Gold which was out on the radio at the time. I happen really to like the Hard Rain version. Bob’s voice is heartfelt and the band is on. I never considered it coincided with his infidelity, but that makes a lot of sense! I don’t think it diminishes the significance or power of the song however since many people can also relate to that.

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