Pod Dylan #60 – Maybe Someday


Episode 60 - MAYBE SOMEDAY

Rob welcomes back Pod Dylan Five-Timer Pat Butler to discuss "Maybe Someday", from 1986's much-maligned album KNOCKED OUT LOADED.

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2 responses to “Pod Dylan #60 – Maybe Someday

  1. Hi Rob,
    I haven’t commented here, but I am listening! I’ve gotten into the habit of saving this podcast to listen to as I drive to band practice. This ‘cast has sparked a memory in me.
    I have never listened to “Knocked Out Loaded,” but I remember this album. When it was released, I was working in Display at The Harvard Coop. At that time The Coop had one of the best record departments in Greater Boston. The Display team was responsible for the look of all the windows; the merchandise, how it was arranged, the set pieces, lighting, etc. One window was “The Record Window.” It was about 5’x5’, at a right angle to the long window of the book department. It had excellent visibility, and usually featured one release. The record companies would often furnish stores with promo material, like reproductions of the album jacket, posters, cards, etc. Sometimes these things would just be spread out in the window to really (over)-promote the product. However, The Record Window was also a chance for one of the design team to do their own thing. The other windows were a team effort, and the design elements were mostly chosen by the boss. This is why I remember Knocked Out Loaded. My colleague David chose to do a very minimal window. Black background and floor, no posters or flyers. In the upper left-hand corner, as one faced the window, he floated the album cover. He did this using very thin fishing line. The cover wasn’t on the glass, or on the wall, it was just hanging at about eye-level. He lit it with a tight spotlight. On the floor on the the lower right he put some broken pieces of pottery that matched the color of the jar on the cover. On this he focused a separate light. That was it. Just the album jacket and some broken bits of pottery. It was arresting.
    I liked the sample you played. Maybe I’ll listen to the record some day!

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