Pod Dylan #83 – Wedding Song


Episode 83 - Wedding Song

Rob welcomes podcaster Maurice Bursztynski to talk about "Wedding Song", the final track from 1974's PLANET WAVES.

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3 responses to “Pod Dylan #83 – Wedding Song

  1. Maurice’s comments about not spoiling a great memory with a disappointing one is interesting, not tempting fate, as it were. I guess you guys represented two ways to see it, since I’d guess Rob would go to a Dylan concert and enjoy the experience even if it were somehow a disaster. Or to put it in other words, Dylan is better than not Dylan regardless of relative quality (I say the same about Doctor Who, for example). And then there’s the regret. When we have lost Dylan, which has a good chance of happening within our lifetimes, knowing you could have seen him one more time and chose not to… Maurice on the other hand seems quite content with the perfect memories he has, and he’s not greedy. I can relate to both.

    1. I’ve mentioned this on other episodes, but at this point when I go to se Bob in concert I’m not looking to get a whole lot out of it. It’s more about paying respect, since at this point he clearly sees himself as more of a touring artist than a recording one. I feel like if he comes through my town once a year, the least I can do is go see him, just as thanks for all he’s given me. If the show is good, then that’s a bonus. Sometimes it’s merely okay, and that’s fine too. But yes I see Maurice’s take on it as well.

  2. Interesting show guys, thanks. As always made me revisit the song. The live versions Dylan did were all solo too I think and all in 1974. In keeping with the energy of that tour they all had a bit of a manic edge to them. Rob mentioning that Dylan showed up with this song at the album recording session and this short burst of live performances (when the song was part of his acoustic set which otherwise were mainly “classic” songs) suggest he really needed to get this off his chest to me. I listened to the album version trying to pick out Maurice’s observations about his guitar playing but my musical ignorance won out and I was none the wiser but I love those kind of observations. With regard to seeing him live I respectfully disagree with either of your approaches!!

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