Pod Dylan #89 – Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues


Episode 89 - Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues

Rob welcomes back fellow BobCat Lee Assef to discuss the penultimate song from 1965's HIGHWAY 61 REVISITED, "Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues."

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One response to “Pod Dylan #89 – Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues

  1. Thanks Rob and Lee, another great episode. Re your comment about this being your favorite song on H61 I kind of agree. Pound for pound it’s got more lines that I love than any other track, it always gives me the sense of “Bob Dylan reports from the Opium den” (no suggestion that he’s indulging!). I saw that November 2001 show at the Gdn. The anticipation building to those last two lines was palpable in the crowd from around the middle of the song. He also said this during the band intros ““You know, most of these songs we’re singing tonight were written right here in this city, here in NYC, yeah and the ones that weren’t written here were recorded here so no one needs to ask me what I think about this town” cementing that sense that this was a special night for him. He did follow that with the joke about his drummer getting a bike for his wife-“a good trade” just in case anyone thought he was getting too sentimental! Amazing how each song you cover brings up so much stuff..

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