Pod Dylan #9 – Absolutely Sweet Marie


Episode 9 - Absolutely Sweet Marie

Rob welcomes writer and fellow Dylan mega-fan Will Stegemann  to talk about "Absolutely Sweet Marie", from 1966's BLONDE ON BLONDE.

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2 responses to “Pod Dylan #9 – Absolutely Sweet Marie

  1. When you guys were talking about “To live outside the law..” line, it kept gnawing at me that I knew that from somewhere else. Then BAM! as soon as you mentioned Batman and the Outsiders, I could just see that ad in my mind’s eye.

    Between Barr and Roy Thomas around that time, us youg uns got some cultural training while reading funny books.


    1. It’s stuff like that that made me want to do this show in the first place. I can think of dozens of examples where I was exposed to something Dylan-related and didn’t even know it. Then later I hear a song and go “ohhh….”

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