Pod Dylan #93 – Highlands


Episode 93 - Highlands

Rob welcomes fellow BobCat Tara Zuk to discuss Bob Dylan's longest song, "Highlands", the final track from 1997's TIME OUT OF MIND.

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8 responses to “Pod Dylan #93 – Highlands

  1. I feel like when every episode drops, I’m become more and more certain that it can never be topped. I’ll be damned however if you don’t return with an episode with even better coverage and an even better guest.

    Tara was an absolutely wonderful guest and this was an absolutely amazing episode. Keep up the amazing work!


  2. This was terrific! Tara brought a lot of great analysis and history. I feel pretty smug that I knew her references!

  3. I enjoyed that. Thanks. Listen to podcasts a lot of the time. Hearing people talk intelligently about Bob is always good. Highlands is one of his best. I parked outside a supermarket the other day. There were still five minutes left of the song. I parked the car, but didn’t turn it off. It’s strange when you know a song that well and you look for new things and you find them all over the place. In every verse, in every scene, there’s a new thought, a new image. Hearing people talk about something you know that well and you walk away with good stuff, that’s worthwhile. Thanks.

  4. Tara has lots of publications as the podcast highlights, but the most recent she has contributed to is:


    Bob Dylan’s Hibbing. Hibbing : EDLIS Café Press, 2019.

    ISBN: 9781091782891

    1. Dylan, Bob, 1941- 2. Minnesota — Hibbing. 3. Dylan, Bob, — 1941- — Childhood and youth. 4. Dylan, Bob, — 1941- — Homes and haunts — Minnesota — Hibbing.

  5. Sorry for the late comment. I’m going thorough all the episodes in order and I’ve just reached this one. What a fantastic episode and discussion. I’ve always loved the song but Tara’s insight was really fascinating.

    Really looking forward to listening to the rest of the episodes and hopefully more great guests.

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