Pod Dylan #96 – Black Muddy River


Episode 96 - Black Muddy River

Rob welcomes fellow BobCat Harry Hew to discuss not a Dylan original, but Bob's live cover of The Grateful Dead's "Black Muddy River."

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2 responses to “Pod Dylan #96 – Black Muddy River

  1. So many great insights in this show. Harry and Rob, I’ve never been able to put into words how some of the Dylan bootlegs absolutely soar, and dig deep at the same time, like Harry says, but any honest review of the performance would use words like: garbled, unintelligible, mixed-up confusion. You two were able to express that experience. I have also had moments of unreasonable love for live versions of songs that are not good at all. “I love the way he sings that but, by any standards, it’s not good.” Yup. Beyond words, like you say.

  2. Loved it! However, I think you are both being a little unkind to Bob re that first performance. I agree thats its the best of the three and that you nailed the reason why “shambolic” could equate to “masterful”. Its a hard feeling to put into words and I think you completely pulled it off. But your claim he didn’t know the words does not bear close scrutiny. He knows quite a few of them, just not what order they go in or where in the song they are supposed to come in!! Its as much a masterclass in deconstruction as it is in forgetfulness. Bob Dylan-confounding even a lack of expectations since 1961! (Without access to emojis i feel I need to state this is not a serious criticism of you or Mr Dylan just in case!) Great episode.

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