Pod Dylan #98 – Standing in the Doorway


Episode 98 - Standing in the Doorway

Rob welcomes fellow BobCat Tim Murphy to discuss "Standing in the Doorway", from 1997's TIME OUT OF MIND.

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One response to “Pod Dylan #98 – Standing in the Doorway

  1. Hi, Freewheelin’ Mr Kelly —

    A recent, but now enthusiastic fan of POD DYLAN. I enjoy the format, appreciate the chat, & almost always hear something that either sends me straight back to the song in question or (more importantly) shifts my view of a lyric or vocal. In other words: the podcast’s enjoyable AND useful. And therefore: how do I get on? Some of my all-time fave raves have already been covered — Up To Me, Mississippi, Isis — but some (Never Say Goodbye, I think?) remain. It’d be ace to be on your show. I live in Japan, & have seen Bob over here 3 times, if that provides the necessary exoticism. In any case: nice work & keep it up. Happy to be involved at any level, & that includes simply listening as I bike to work in the morning.


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