Pod Dylan Live! – Like A Rolling Stone


Recorded live on July 28, 2019 at The Tattooed Mom on South St., Rob welcomes very special guest Tom Moon to discuss Bob Dylan’s epic “Like A Rolling Stone.” Part of the 2019 Philadelphia Podcast Festival!

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5 responses to “Pod Dylan Live! – Like A Rolling Stone

  1. This was a great show and great conversation. Great details, great guest, great energy from you and the crowd. Not sure what else I can add besides great, great, great episode!!

    Oh, possibly my favorite version of this song–favorite cover–anyway, once again comes from that CHIMES OF FREEDOM set. It’s the Jeff Beck and Seal take on “Like a Rolling Stone”; I love how they embrace the rock and roll of it. Anyway, congratulations again!

  2. Great show Rob. You did us proud, handling that live show just like you were Skyping at home. Tom was a great guest as well. Very informative and engaging!

    Great discussion too. Even myself, a Bob novice, know that song well. Despite not being the biggest fan of Dylan’s actual performances, I’ve always dug that one. I like the Rolling Stones’ version too.

    Again, great job!!!


  3. Congratulations on breaking out of your comfort zone, Rob! This was a terrific show. I hope you got some new listeners! You and Tom had a great discussion, and I’m glad you saved this record for such a deserving guest. Many years ago, while poking around a used-book shop, I picked up Al Kooper’s auto-biography and opened it to his recollection of this session. I just love that whole story! Serendipity surrounds Bob Dylan! I wish I had bought the damn book, though!

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