Pod Dylan – Interview with Terry Gans

POD DYLAN - Interview with Terry Gans

In this special episode, Rob chats with Terry Gans, author of the new book SURVIVING IN A RUTHLESS WORLD, about the recording of Bob Dylan's 1983 album INFIDELS.

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5 responses to “Pod Dylan – Interview with Terry Gans

  1. A very interesting Podcast, great to hear Terry Gans talk about how he found Dylan, and talk on the Infidels book he recently wrote.
    An excellent production.

  2. Hi, Terry. Guess we never did too much talking, but am amazed and simultaneously unsurprised learning that the evolution of your interest mirrors mine, (or is it vice versa?) despite the gap between our birth years and my congenital laziness. Your patience and gracious kindness in this interview are impressive; am watching the 1939 “Hunchback” on TCM as I listen, and am screaming “Sanctuary” in unison with Quasimodo, though not at events in the film. Am certain that Joe Friday loved your book, for the same reason(s) that I did (do). You sound just like yourself, well and healthy. I hope that you and yours are.

  3. Interesting and informative interview, although I’d expect no less. I’ll be purchasing the book and the album (which I have not listened to yet, 80’s Dylan is an undiscovered blind spot for me so far) later today.

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