Power of Fishnets 21: Not Magic Enough for Superman

On this episode, Ryan Daly welcomes special guest Kyle Benning (who hasn't appeared on a Fire and Water show in like, two weeks!) to help him review World's Finest #208, a super exciting team-up of Superman and Doctor Fate that happens to include a cameo by Zatanna. Plus listener feedback from last episode.

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9 responses to “Power of Fishnets 21: Not Magic Enough for Superman

  1. Okay, I’m back. Fun show! This is a great story and that cover is one of the great Neal Adams images, and that’s saying something.

    Dr Fate is one of those costume designs that looks classic yet still modern and fresh, part of it must be the relatively unusual color scheme and simple design. Unlike Lil Shag, it never bothered me he seemed to be able to pop onto other Earths with ease, I always figured it’s magic. Has he and Zee ever just teamed up by themselves??

    Looking forward to Kyle’s appearance on OHOTMU, which I assume is next.

  2. Great episode covering a book I have never seen or read!

    A couple of things. As is noted, this is a time when Kryptonite was gone (at least for those writers/editors who glommed onto the Kryptonite Nevermore premise). In Superman 233, Morgan Edge says ‘power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely’ (the first place I ever read that maxim). So removing a magical weakness now would be real crazy!

    Second, I had to laugh at the ‘whatever is big enough to need Superman and Dr. Fate has to be a massive threat’ comment. In DCCP #23 they team up to defeat a spectral pirate! Superman even gets chained to do the rowing! Not exactly the Anti-Monitor.

    As for Fate, his Archive addition is a massive book and worth getting on the cheap. At some point in the Golden Age, he uses less magic and more fisticuffs, dons a half helmet, and becomes a bona fide physician. Glad that went away.

  3. This cover is so epic, it was the basis for Adams’ cover image to the 1978 DC calendar!

    DC Calendar 78

    Fun episode, and I agree wholeheartedly about Doctor Fate. There’s just something about that look. And I still say DC screwed the pooch when they threw away the classic version at the height of his popularity around 1987. Sorry Shag, it’s true.

    I’m waiting for Kyle to show up on oHOTmu or Not with a fake female, French Canadian accent. Or he could go over to Lonely Hearts and actually talk Transformers Beast Wars with Furn and Marty.


    1. We’re not taking on new “girls” at the moment.

      Beast Wars will find a home in Saturday Morning Fever, not Lonely Hearts. But obviously, Kyle could do a voice in Romance Comics Theater if he wanted.

  4. This is the sort of story that I can’t focus on even when people are just talking about it, but that’s a great cover. I love the classic Dr. Fate look, and having it rendered by Neal Adams doesn’t hurt. I’m not actually keen on Zatanna teaming up with Fate, as a little magic user play goes a long way. Vaguely defined powers with arbitrary limits doesn’t necessarily add value when doubled. Virtually any other DC sorcery type would contrast better against Zee’s comparative purity, but Fate is too much of a white knight his own self. I’m also not that big on Superman hanging out with Zee. She’s always been the accessible, relatively “normal” mage that fits better in a Gotham than a Metropolis. It doesn’t look as cool when a stage magician is helping to pull the Earth by a giant chain.

  5. Such a fun comic, one of the first I ever bought as a nipper.

    That cover image is amazing, but too much in the way of cover blurbs. And Dr Fate’s logo is pants.

    Mystic Mage, Wonder Wizard, Action Ace, Princess of Prestidigitation… Mystic Medico? It’s a joy, how many alliterative synonyms Len Wein finds to describe our heroes. And doesn’t he sound sick of Superman with that ‘all-too familiar blur’ line on page 11. Mind, Supie is whining quite a lot in that particular panel.

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