Saturday Morning Fever #3 Image Gallery

Can he swing from a thread?

A very Ditko/Romita Peter Parker, complete with yellow cardigan and blue suit!

The Daily Bugle crew…or is that the North Pole crew?

The Spider Slayer with JJJ’s face…or a new, less cuddly version of Teddy Ruxpin? You decide.

Three Spidey villains who have made it to the big screen. Not pictured; Dr. Noah Body. Well…maybe…

Romita Cut-out Goblin!!!

The Fly Twins…Stan and Lee!!!

Classic Mysterio with nice soundwave feature…

…and really strange off-model Mysterio that Brian loves.

Marvel Team-Up? Not quite, but Spidey meets Skyboy. Nice helmet kid.

Creepiest cartoon villain ever? Probably. Infinata-da-vita, baby!!!

Great power …well, you know…


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