Secret Origins #33: Sample Pages

Ryan Daly and guest David Ace Gutierrez review the origin of Mister Miracle and Oberon from Secret Origins #33. Then, Tim Wallace joins Ryan to cover the origin of Green Flame. Finally, Paul Hix helps Ryan tackle the origin of Icemaiden.

Secret Origins #33 cover by Jerry Ordway and Ty Templeton.

Sample pages from Mister Miracle and Oberon's origin(s) written by Mike Carlin, pencilled by Don Heck, and inked by Klaus Janson (top) and Art Adams (bottom).

Sample pages from Green Flame's origin written by Tom and Mary Bierbaum, pencilled by Chuck Austin, and inked by Gary Martin.

Sample pages from Icemaiden's origin written by Gerard Jones, pencilled by Jim Valentino, and inked by Eduardo Barreto.

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