Secret Origins Annual #3: Sample Pages

Ryan Daly welcomes Chris Franklin, Nathaniel Hubbard, and Tom Panarese to cover the origin—and more—of the Teen Titans from Secret Origins Annual #3. It’s a big story full of teen angst, and 75% of the people on this podcast really liked the issue.

Secret Origins Annual #3 cover by George Perez.

All pages written by George Perez. Page 11 art by Irv Novick and Ty Templeton.

Page 14 art by Michael Bair.

Page 27 art by Dave Cockrum and Larry Mahlstedt.

Page 34 art by Kevin Maguire and Karl Kesel.

Page 43 art by Colleen Doran and Romeo Tanghal.

Page 50 art by Michael Bair.

Page 58 art by Grant Miehm and Anthony Van Bruggen.

Page 66 art by Tom Grummett and George Perez.

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