Gimme That Star Trek Ep.22: The Cooking Show

Siskoid and oHOTmu or NOT’s Amelie Montour grab the Star Trek Cookbook and prepare a three-course meal before your very… uhm… ears! It’s a Star Trek cooking show in podcast form, no replicators, all fresh ingredients! So whether in the mess hall, Ten-Forward, or Quark’s, sit down, relax, and let us tickle your eardrums and your taste buds…

Listen to Episode 22 below!

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19 responses to “Gimme That Star Trek Ep.22: The Cooking Show

  1. As someone with limited culinary abilities and limited TNG knowledge, I confess that I only understood about a third of what you two were saying throughout this episode. That said, the joy in your voices throughout this show made for an incredibly fun and pleasant experience. Great episode!

    Now… let’s find me some cake…

  2. Listening to this episode in the morning at work is making my lunch break seem years away!

    What a fun idea, and a great listen. You guys should do an FW Super Hero Cooking special based on either the old or newer DC cookbooks… or both!


  3. Fun idea for an episode.

    My wife loves both Earl Grey tea and chocolate. So, I may have to attempt the cake for her birthday, which is coming up in the near future. Hopefully, I can enlist my daughter’s assistance, because she actually knows how to bake. Thank you for the inspiration.

  4. What a fun episode! You guys are ready for AM FIRE AND WATER:

    –Cooking w/Siskoid and Amelie
    –Fashion w/Nathaniel/Vera
    –Weather w/Shag
    –Movie Reviews w/Rob
    –Family Corner w/The Franklins
    –Book Chat w/Max
    –Travel w/Xum
    –News w/Ryan

  5. A podcast about a cookbook? A cookbook that doesn’t even have all the pictures? It just can’t work! But it did! And really well! This was a super fun episode. I raise a glass of Tranya to you!

  6. This was an unusual, but quite fun episode. I was a bit tickled by you and Amelie discussing Old Bay. Old Bay is fairly ubiquitous here in the Washington, DC-Baltimore, Maryland area. Seriously, one of the local potato chip companies uses it as a seasoning for a product they call Crab Chips and I know many families that keep it on the table along with salt and pepper. I can send you a tin if you’d like to use it for another batch of plomeek soup.

    1. It was in the Tojal broth, stop skunking my plomeek soup! Nice to hear that Old Bay isn’t such an odd ingredient elsewhere. You’d think we’d have something like it in the Maritimes!

      Anyway, glad you enjoyed it. I always aim for “unusual” to make the show stand out in a crowd of Trek shows.

  7. Well that was cool. Don’t listen to it while hungry.

    While I can understand someone outside the Mid-Atlantic region not having Old Bay at hand (though you should – it’s a great spice combo), but not having nutmeg? You’re missing out on a versatile flavor profile that is many a chef’s secret twist.

    Once you get some Old Bay, try it on popcorn. YUM!

  8. Tiny bit of my background first, I have culinary education is both from from Cincinnati in the States and from Southern Jutland Denmark.

    For me I have never been a fan of generally sci-fi and fantasy cookbooks where your looking at dishes that have recipes that are pretending to be recipes of something that we couldn’t actually make or try. Given that just looking at the recipes posted the book is still not a good cookbook it assumes people might know some stuff that a book of this type should have in it. So minor things on some of the stuff I heard or read here

    Earl Grey tea is a black tea that is flavoured with Bergamot orange a hybrid between lemons and bitter orange.

    Generally speaking the best way to melt chocolate (if you can’t stir it into what it is being used for and using the heat of the dish ) is to put the chocolate in a metal bowl that will
    partly sit in a pot. Put water in the pot to a level that will not touch the bowl with the chocolate and bring it to a low simmer. stirring the chocolate constantly until melted.
    You said the chocolate burnt which is a possibility in a microwave since it is hard to watch it and control the heat but I’m wondering if it actually seized instead of burned. Seizing is where it clumps up because of contact with a little moister. The taste will be almost the same as normal but the texture will be bad. This can be fixed by just adding a bit more liquid until it is not clumping.
    Considering it takes about two oranges on average to get about 1/2 cup of juice with 1/2 cup of sugar they are having you make an orange flavoured simple syrup to put on the cake.
    Self rising flour is flour with baking soda and salt in it just a fyi (1 cup flour 1 1/2 teaspoons (7.5grams) baking powder and 1/2 tsp (2.5grams) salt)
    What is the point of gently heating something if you are then going to boil it? I believe they are after a slight reduction here to make it a thicker syrup and are actually after it being simmered. Simple syrups are usually put sugar and water in pan bring to boil reduce heat and simmer for a couple of minutes until desired thickness.

    Looking at the recipe for the soup it appears to me that they put things in the wrong order and don’t know the meaning of cooking terms. For example to saute is to fry quickly in a little hot fat, so when it says “saute the chopped onions very slowly in 1/2 cup of butter.” that’s not sauteing. Then it goes on to say “when onions are transparent” so they are after people sweating the onions. Then they say to brown the carrots but for 30 minutes if they are looking at that length of time they are probably more after caramelising the carrots (this adds flavor and might help colour the liquid).

    With the Shrimp you will have an easier time controlling for tenderness is you steam then rather than boiling (which really should be at a simmer and more of a poaching).

    Looking at what I believe they are trying to do I think it would be better to put the butter in the pan then the carrots on medium-low heat to caramelise the carrots then drop the heat down and put both the onions and celery in the pan this will sweat the onions and the water from the celery will keep them from browning while giving the celery some to to soften.

    1. Thanks for the recipe fixed and further information!

      We knew full well how to melt chocolate correctly, but at that point, I wasn’t that keen on doing a bain-marie. I take full responsibility. Well, I’m the one who had to eat it, right?

      1. True and to an extent I go with Duke Ellington who said about music “If it sounds good, it IS good.” with the thought about food as far as taste

  9. Sadly, we’ll never see Siskoid trying to crush that ice. But it sounded hilarious! Thanks for a really fun show.

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