Gimme That Star Trek Ep.3: Janeway Eyre

The day after Halloween winds us back down to normality as the dead go back to their graves, and Siskoid is joined by oHOTmu or NOT's Art-Girl, Josée Robichaud, to talk about her favorite book, Charlotte Brontë's Jane Eyre and how it was used in a trio of Voyager episodes as a holonovel/waking nightmare.

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Credits:"Star Trek Theme" by Alexander Courage, with the mellifluous tones of the Irredeemable Shagg. End theme: "Deep Space Nine Theme" by Dennis McCarthy.

Bonus clips from: Star Trek: Voyager's "Cathexis" starring Kate Mulgrew and Michael Cumpsty; "Learning Curve" starring Kate Mulgrew, Lindsey Haun and Thomas Dekker; and "Persistence of Vision" starring Robert Picardo, Kate Mulgrew and Michael Cumpsty.

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10 responses to “Gimme That Star Trek Ep.3: Janeway Eyre

  1. I love so many of the tropes, conventions, and themes of Gothic literature, but I struggle mightily with actually reading them. James’ THE TURN OF THE SCREW is one of my favorite ghost stories, at least conceptually. It took me forever to get through the novella, and it’s only like a hundred pages.

    Having never seen these (or any other) episodes of VOYAGER and never finished reading JANE EYRE, I can’t offer much analysis of the topic, but I really enjoyed the discussion on this episode. It’s always interesting getting watching/listening to someone become experienced with a beloved property for the first time, and in this instance it cut both ways; Josee was unfamiliar with this area of Star Trek, but she had the edge in JANE EYRE knowledge.

  2. Great guest and topic, Siskoid.

    It’s an odd choice that Janeway went from this to hanging out with hologram DaVinci.

    Also, Trek played around with “ghosts” in other interesting ways. There was that time Dr Crusher was romanced by that ghost alien and she thought she was great grandmother or something. And that terrific DS9 episode where the Defiant crew communicates with someone through a storm who ends up being the last survivor of a mission …or was she??

    Looking forward to episode 4.

    1. Originally, I thought “Sub Rosa” would be part of this episode, but I couldn’t bring myself to double-whammy Art-Girl with that AND Voyager. I’m not that cruel.

      DS9’s “The Sound of Her Voice” is a better story, and a reverse-Jane Eyre in that everything’s normal and only at the END do you realize it was a ghost story (of a sort).

      Da Vinci at least taps into Janeway’s science background. Lambda One isn’t OUT of character exactly, but it didn’t have the legs Data’s Sherlock program, for example, had.

      1. “Sub Rosa” is often regarded as one of TNG’s worst, but it’s got The Monster Squad’s Dracula, Duncan Regher as the “ghost”, so I give it points for that… and only that.

        I haven’t read Jane Eyre myself, and have only caught snippets of some of the film adaptations, but Cindy had filled me in somewhat. I don’t recall these Voyager episodes at all, even though I watched the first several seasons during first run, due to our college town having VERY limited cable options. I think that says a lot about Voyager, unfortunately. Only the truly awful ones seem to be very memorable.

        Despite all that, this was a fun episode, and I now want to watch that modern movie with Fassbender. Great show!


  3. Well, this episode took two big blind spots for me and combined them. I have never read the book, nor watched any adaptation of, Jane Eyre, and I have watched very little Voyager. I might correct the first, at some point, but this did nothing to make me want to seek out any more Voyager. Nothing against Siskoid or Josée, they were both great, but “All our malfunctions were caused by the comedy relief’s inability to cook” just sounds too typical of a Voyager plot to make me want to sit through it.

  4. I don’t like Star Wars enough to regularly listen to a podcast about it, even if a buddy of mine produces it. I do like Star Trek enough to do that, but not enough to leave comments with any regularity. See also: the first episodes of the Who’s Who Podcast I won’t be commenting on.

  5. Any chance we can get an episode reviewing the graphic novel Debt of Honor by Claremont and Hughes? I’ve owned it since it was released and it just clicks on all cylinders.

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