Gimme That Star Trek Ep.46: The Star Trek CCG

Siskoid and the Irredeemable Shagg discuss their passion for the Star Trek Collectible Card Game - how it works, what their favorite elements are, and how it made them the geeks they are, including the secret origin of Siskoid!

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16 responses to “Gimme That Star Trek Ep.46: The Star Trek CCG

  1. Oh man can’t wait to listen to this one. Was a HUGE STCCG fan back in the day, especially 2nd Edition, to the point of being local tourney organiser and travelling interstate for national championships. Good times!

  2. You know, even though you hit at it you forgot to mention the bubble-gum scent of the Roger Maris baseball card in the Most Toys after saying it would come up.

      1. It’s was more just because how it was set up. It was like you decided you were going to spotlight it, then set it up to show it, got it all ready, then went ‘you know what let’s just forget that’ and went somewhere else

        1. I never planned to spotlight it, he just mentioned bubble gum, it sparked the notion, but when we got there, it slipped through the cracks. But since you’re aware of the Fajo Collection bubble gum, I don’t think you missed a crucial bit of trivia.

  3. Great episode, gentlemen. In general, I deliberately avoid CCGs, because I know how easily I could spend all my money on booster packs. That being said, I did get into Iron Crown’s Middle-earth CCG back in the mid-90s, because 1) I was a hard-core Tolkien fan, and 2) it had rules for solo play and I had no one else to play with. Now a days, I’ll play an occasional game of the Pokemon TCG with my daughter.

    While I was aware of the Star Trek CCG, I never picked it up. So, it was fun to learn about the game here. I particularly like the game’s strong storytelling element. By the way, in which expansion was Siskoid’s Geek Empire affiliation added to the game?

    As far as the current state of the CCG industry goes, my local gaming store only carries Magic, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, and some game I don’t know, called Cardfight Vanguard. I know that Magic and Pokemon have both launched online versions of their card games, and I believe a lot of new CCGs are going this route. There even appears to be an online Star Trek CCG, called Star Trek Adversaries, which is available on Steam. These online games are generally free-to-play, with booster packs available for purchase using points you earn in-game. That’s fine if you’re a casual player, but, to be competitive, you either need to play a whole lot to earn enough points, or you need to spend real-world money.

    Okay. Now, I need to go dig up my old Middle-earth cards from the basement.

  4. Thank you for this! I had a bunch of cards and never got to play anyone except my then-girlfriend. You guys are lucky.

  5. I’m that fan that loves loves LOVES the Star Wars CCG (though don’t get the opportunity to play it that often) but never had a chance to play the Star Trek CCG. I enjoy the way Decipher infused the game with so many story moments which was the main selling point over Magic for me. I really liked hearing your joy and experiences of the Star Trek game and it makes me want to try it out.

    To me, the best part of the Star Wars CCG was the storytelling aspect of it. At the end of a Magic game, I just feel like I either won or lost and if my deck worked or not, but for the Star Wars CCG, it didn’t matter if I won! It usually ended with me an my opponent laughing about different parts of the game (like when the Death Star slowly made it’s way over to a system to blow everything up!). So it was really great to hear that it seems to be the same for the Star Trek CCG. Do any of you have some game stories that you still remember to this day?

    The worst part of it seemed to be the rule book. Shag, the text was just as small in the Star Wars version! Lord, that text is small and it’s also somewhat obtuse and hard to get into. To me, the best way to learn this game is to have an experienced player teach you as opposed to learning from the rule book. Did you guys find this a similar experience?

    This was totally fun to hear and, even though I don’t have direct experience with the Star Trek CCG, it sounds like there is a lot of crossover (since they were both made by Decipher) and it brought back some fun memories. I would love to see you guys playing some Star Trek CCG (online, I’m guessing?) over on your YouTube page!

    Keep up the great work!

    1. Story telling was totally Decipher’s thing. The Lord of the Rings game had a pool of darkness you had to add to every time you used the Ring or other magic that made Sauron notice you, etc.

      1. That sounds neat! I’ll have to add LOTR to my list of games to try out. Do you ever think Decipher would ever make a comeback with their licensed games?

        1. I don’t believe it could happen no. There are “continuing committees” for both Star Trek and Star Wars though, and looking at the sights, looks like you CAN get physical copies in some way. Is there one for Lord of the Rings? I don’t know. I’ll have to look into it.

  6. Hey guys,

    That was fun. I still have a bunch of the ST CCG cards (somewhere). But I dropped out of getting them years ago. While the game was interesting, collecting was expensive and finding people to play with was challenging.
    Then if you found people, getting schedules to align was even worse.

    I don’t know how you guys find time to do these – I barely have time to listen to them!

    1. I mean, we could have just called one another to have this conversation and it wouldn’t have taken any more time than it did. Pro tip: Schedule your podcasts where you were just gonna have a conversation with people anyway.

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