Gimme That Star Trek Ep.52: Assembling the Comics Collection

In the studio this month, Siskoid welcomes Rich Handley, the editor of Eaglemoss's Star Trek Graphic Novel Collection, to talk about this attempt to collect every Star Trek comic ever published. What work goes into such a project, and what has Rich learned along the way?

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"Star Trek Theme" by Alexander Courage, with the Irredeemable Shagg on vocals. End theme: "Deep Space Nine Theme" by Dennis McCarthy.

Bonus clip from: Star Trek The Next Generation's "The Most Toys", starring Saul Rubinek.

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6 responses to “Gimme That Star Trek Ep.52: Assembling the Comics Collection

  1. Really enjoyed this episode. God help me, the granular details of trying to find obscure material that Rich was in search of really interests me, I would love to be assigned a project like that (if just not on Trek stuff). I found all the details of compiling these collections fascinating, it was a great interview.

  2. Great episode! I enjoyed listening to it as I was unboxing a package of several Marvel, DC, WildStorm, and IDW Star Trek comics that I received in the mail that day. Now I’m too invested in the single issues to collect the Eaglemoss editions!

  3. Fascinating show! I was honestly unaware of the Eaglemoss collection, but Eaglemoss puts out so many cool subscriptions for folks like us, it’s kind of hard to keep up with.

    Thanks to Rich for taking the bull by the horns and truly curating ALL of the Trek comics, and I agree with his sentiment. Trek has grown to the point that not all of it can be contained in one linear continuity, so it’s best to think of it in a multiversal way. I will add the Mego Trek universe as another example: There the Gorn looks a lot like Spider-Man’s foe the Lizard dressed in animated Klingon attire, and the Mugato decided to dress like a space hippie, while the Talosian (or Talos as they call them) dresses like a circus clown.


    1. I like what you’re saying, Cfranks. It’s all fiction. Nothing counts and everything does – it’s up to you!

      Great show, Siskoid! I think we all have our Great Curator fantasies. I’m glad your interviewee was able to channel his into a living.

  4. I’ve read some of Handley’s articles, on Star Trek and Star Wars!

    I also want to thank him for getting the newspaper strips published. I would only have been interested in it for the storyline from Larry Niven, but it’s nice to have the whole thing; I was able to get used to the style of it being delivered in daily chunks, and had a running start when the Kzinti showed up. (You always want a running start when the Kzinti show up.)

    I didn’t know one could buy the Eaglemoss collections piecewise, tbat would be the way to go. Say, I wonder if it the starships collection will ever get down to the ones designed for the comics.

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