Gimme That Star Trek Ep.9: Where No Fan Has Gone Before

In 2003, Futurama ended with a special Star Trek episode that reunited most of the original Star Trek cast. In 2017, Siskoid and the Lonely Hearts Romance Comics Podcast’s Furn have giggly, but sometimes philosophical, chat about that episode. Get ready to go… “Where No Fan Has Gone Before”!

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Credits: “Star Trek Theme” by Alexander Courage, with the Irredeemable Shagg on vocals. End music: “Futurama Theme” by Christopher Tyng.

Bonus clips from: Futurama’s “Where No Fan Has Gone Before” by David A. Goodman, starring William Shatner, John DiMaggio, David Herman, George Takei, Katey Sagal, Walter Koenig, and Leonard Nimoy; and “The Daves I Know” by the Kids in the Hall.

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6 responses to “Gimme That Star Trek Ep.9: Where No Fan Has Gone Before

  1. Great episode. Cindy and I were loyal Futurama viewers during the first run, and this is our absolute favorite episode. Tied with Galaxy Quest as the best unofficial bit of Trek media…and both are better than many of the episodes and some of the films!

    You guys hit all the best bits, other than Shatner making out with Leela (of course), so I’ll leave those be.

    I guess my love for my childhood hero Captain Kirk forces me to defend the Shat a bit, even if I know I probably shouldn’t. One, Shat was often in really good shape (for the 60s) during TOS…but sometimes not. As the seasons progressed and schedules became hectic, he’d eat and exercise poorly and pack on some pounds, hence his belly shirt and rumors of a girdle. Apparently Rodenberry had a “fat Kirk” film reel put together to use as motivation if talks with the Captain about losing weight didn’t go well.

    All of this comes from Marc Cushman’s EXCELLENT “These Are The Voyages” series of books that I highly recommend to EVERY Trek fan. It’s the most fair and balanced account of TOS I have read. And he doesn’t tread lightly on how the “lower cast” felt about their Captain. But he counters it with other accounts from folks who found him a delight on set. It does portray Shatner as an actor who who took his job VERY seriously, and felt that the whole weight of the show was on his shoulders. Does this excuse him snubbing his co-stars (not that he would call them that)? No, but it does give him motivation for being single-minded in his actions.

    Like you Siskoid, I do give Shatner credit for giving Nichols, Takei , Koenig (and Doohan, who declined at the last minute as I recall) a chance to air their grievances in Star Trek Memories. He didn’t have to do that. Maybe he just wanted some juicy publicity for his book, but either way, it’s there.

    Of course Mellvar’s mom reading him the riot act at the end is straight out of the Squire of Gothos with Trelane, which makes Mellvar the perfect synthesis of just about every Trek adversary.

    Oh, and I’m glad you guys discussed the technobabble solution ala TNG. My biggest gripe about that series is every problem is “cleverly” solved by modulating one ship system or another, usually the deflector shield. If you played a marathon drinking game based on that, you’d die of alcohol poisoning by season 3.

    Again, great show!


  2. Great episode, Siskoid and Furn! “Where No Fan Has Gone Before” is one of my favorite FUTURAMA episodes and my favorite bit of Star Trek lore/tangential media.

  3. So glad you covered this, this is hands down my favorite episode of FUTURAMA. Its so sharp and biting yet affectionate, to say nothing of the fact it was the last time the whole crew (or as close as we could get) of the original series was together.

    Keonig’s line read of “Good question!” makes me laugh every single time, thanks for including it on the episode.

  4. You know, I’ve never seen this episode. In fact, I’ve never seen this show. But you’ve forced my hand (and mine yes) to rectify this.

  5. This is the episode of Futurama that I’ve probably seen the most. I do love the show but often times it only holds up to one or two revisits once you’re over how clever many of the episodes are (which is pretty damn clever, let’s me clear.) This one though, is always funny. And I LOVE that they actually got Jonathan Frakes in to read one single self deprecating line.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna start my own podcast. With blackjack! And hookers!

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