Super Mates 100 Image Gallery

The classic poster for A Nightmare on Elm Street by Matthew Peak.

A foreign poster reveals a lot more about the movie!

A very preppy Wes Craven and his cast of "child" victims: Jsu Garcia (Nick Corri), Amanda Wyss, Heather Langenkamp, and some guy know one ever heard of again.

Oh what a feeling, Tina's dancing on the ceiling...

Freddy makeup creator David B. Miller does a test on Robert Englund...

... and the iconic results.

Heather Langenkamp and the prop she wanted to take home.

Newbie actor Johnny Depp gets all bloodied up for a shot that isn't even in the finished film!

Langenkamp and the awesome (but in my opinion, underutilized) John Saxon.

Ronee Blakely is about to become an inflatable doll. But note the lack of stripes on Freddy's sleeve.

From the promotional brochure handed out in theaters at the premiere of Batman (1989), the girl of teenage Chris' dreams (pun intended), Heather Langenkamp.

Everybody loves Freddy...even his victims!

Cover to Justice League of America #154 (May 1978) by Michael Kaluta and Al Milgrom.

Interior pages from JLA #154 by writer Gerry Conway and artists Dick Dillin and Frank McLaughlin.

It breaks my heart to see Doctor Destiny destroy some perfectly good JLA figures like that!

Introducing...the Homer! Er, I mean the Starscraper Hotel!


A Super-Panic Attack leads to the death of a pal.


Batman believes he can fly. Cue the R. Kelly. Not that one!

Flash slips on a banana peel (seriously) and Atom...wait...what's going on here?


A great splash panel by Dillin, but Cindy says don't try this at home.

I call BS on that blackout arrow!

Doctor Destiny's wiki!

Atom and Canary wraps things up, but why does she feel more violated than the others? And what in the hell is an Egg Cream?

House of Franklin-Stein Pod-Monsters Trading Cards! Collect Them All!!!




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