Super Mates 101 HoF Image Gallery


The two faces of Kharis: Tom Tyler (note the blacked-out eyes)...

...and Lon Chaney, Jr. (noticed the one dead eye).

Cover and art from Marvel Family #79. Story by Otto Binder, art by C.C. Beck and Pete Constanza

Note: This scene DOES NOT appear in this comic!

Wholesome family entertainment! YEAAEEAA!!!

What's more horrifying? The Mad Mummy, or Billy's non-traditional shirt!

The Mad Mummy makes Kharis look handsome!

"Torture them! Kill them! Eat them!" Wholsomeness!

Mad Mummy whips Mary on panel, kills the kids, and releases some REALLY goofy looking monsters!

NOW, the Old Wizard shows up. Where were you when Mary was getting whipped?




One response to “Super Mates 101 HoF Image Gallery

  1. Wow I’m glad the mummy finally got some love . As I feel the mummy as classic monster is kind of the forgotten son of classic monsters.
    Also great show . My bro and I take on horror host alter egos on YouTube channel Bucky749 (cheep plug)
    I become Frank N King and my bro becomes Kid Yokai as review tales of terror . And recently I’ve introduced another alter of Franken dude manger and owner of the paradise theater. Happy horror days to all and to all a good freight !!!!

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