Super Mates 64 Image Gallery

That's not Atoman...that's Powerman!

Let's hope Batman never says "sexy" again!

Hey, what Earth are we on here?

Chris' favorite, the Flying Fox! And Cindy's um... favorite, the Hypno-Wheel!

Let's drown the nearly-dead Kryptonian!

Atom Man vs. Superman!

Earth-Two Superman and Robin! Yeah baby!

2 responses to “Super Mates 64 Image Gallery

  1. Great episode…..but I’m with Cindy, all the way. I remember reading this story and tossing it away from me in disgust when I got through with it, it made my head hurt so bad! 😉
    I agree with you that it was stories like this that destroyed the pre-Crisis continuity. Sometimes you just didn’t have to explain everything! Or if you tried, you didn’t need to go on about it for page after page after page! Roy Thomas was a great idea man, but boy! did he need a good editor.
    Clearly this story has sentimental value to you, Chris, but to me those other anniversary stories you mentioned, such as The Flash #300, are SO much better than this.

    1. Wow, that was a strong reaction Russell! I would guess Roy took it on as a challenge, and we all know he liked to make disparate stories work together. You can argue he didn’t succeed. Maybe this story being conceived and exectued between two editors resulted in no one really reigning him in.

      I really need a new copy of Flash #300. I read mine to death! We may have to cover it on the show when I get a new one.


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