Super Mates 84 Image Gallery

A sampling of international posters for The Brides of Dracula show some rather interesting artwork!

This one looks like a comic book ad!

The movie looks far kinkier here!

I dig the Baron on this one, but his victim looks like…Ingrid Pitt?!?

Like all of these, the Baron has more victims than in the picture, but at least they get his mother the Baroness in there in the back!

This one is my favorite. It has that 30s/40s Universal Monsters feel about it!

Check out the title card from Brides! Look at that font!!!

The birth of a vampire!

The man can cauterize his own vampire wound, AND boss Darth Vader around. Don’t mess with the Cushing!

Roy Ashton’s burn makeup on the Baron is understated but still hideous…and fairly realistic!!!

Screen caps from Batman: The Brave and The Bold, “The Shadow of the Bat”

Batman and Etrigan defeat Dala in “Hammer Glamour” mode.

Count Batula bids his guests…velcome!

Vampire Batman is straight up EVIL. He makes J’onn relive the death of his family and planet!!!

Bats goes all “Night on Bald Mountain” on poor Fire.

Speaking of fire…the JLI are consumed by flames!

The copout the writer never planned! It was all a hallucination kiddies! You can save on therapy bills now!!!

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