Super Mates 88 Image Gallery

Screen captures from Wolf, directed by Mike Nichols

Will just got bitten by a wolf, and is now surrounded by a whole pack! I wonder if it's a retirement community?

The happy family: Daddy, Mommy/Mistress, and Sonny Boy D-Bag.

Jaded Laura doesn't know quite what to make of true-blue Will.

Based on this clip, if you told me Jack made this movie in 1974, I would believe you.

That's a really nice amulet, and all Dr. Alezais wants for it is a quick bite. C'mon Will!!!

Just when you think Stewart couldn't get any worse, he becomes Sex Offender Werewolf.

Will's grip on humanity is quickly slipping away.

Cover of Detective Comics #505 by Rich Buckler and Dick Giordano

Pages from Detective Comics #505, written by Gerry Conway with art by Don Newton and Dan Adkins

In case you missed Batman #255, here's a recap!

When Werewolves Attack! Notice the warm coloring by Adrienne Roy.

Some deep narration by Conway, with exquisite action by Newton and Adkins!

Imagine listening to that werwolf howl and scrape all night!


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