Super Mates 93 Image Gallery

Alternate poster designs for Son of Frankenstein

Ygor introduces Wolf Von Frankenstein to his older brother.

One-armed Lionel Atwill takes aim, while little Donnie Dunagan wonders “Is Boris going to drop me this time?”.

The monster in COLOR! Not a hoax! Not an imaginary story! Clip from home movies showing Karloff in GREEN makeup!

Karloff gets some revenge on one of Jack Pierce’s makeup assistants…

…while Pierce himself turns suave Lugosi into the shaggy Ygor.

Little Donnie Dunagan visits a made-up but out of costume Boris and Basil, in his two-toned jacket!

Rathbone, director Rowland V. Lee and Lugosi help Karloff celebrate his birthday on set. You got something on you there, Boris.

Detective Comics #135 cover by Winslow Mortimer

Interior pages written by Edmond Hamilton, with art by Bob Kane (apparently) and Charles Paris

Before Google, you could just hypnotize yourself back into the past. Who knew?

Nichols makes a LONG distance call to the present, and yanks Batman and Robin away from actually solving crimes, and saving people, undoubtedly.

Batman on CRANK!!!

Poor Ivan, just like the “fictional” Frankenstein monster, he’s just a victim.

Mary Shelley makes a last second cameo, and note the blurb at the bottom, announcing THE classic origin story!