Super Mates 97 HoF 1 Gallery

Big Lon looms large, while Evelyn shows some leg in this original movie poster

Maybe Ygor has a broken sniffer, in addition to his neck? The Monster is covered in sulfur!

Cloistine-Cam: Director Erle C. Kenton uses Chaney's natural height and lifts to depict a truly  monolithic monster.

Evelyn Ankers and Sir Cedric Hardwicke can't figure out why Chaney's Monster wants the brain of little Janet Ann Gallow...and neither can we!

Images from (Uncanny) X-Men (vol. 1) #40

Cover by George Tuska. Dig Frankie's moccasin boots!

Interior pages by Roy Thomas, Don Heck, and George Tuska

Chuck has some jacked up theories on the Monster!

Meet the very Kirby-esque monster! I don't blame him for being offended by Angel's hideous costume!

I'm kind of starting to see why the Marvel Universe treated the X-Men differently. They're jerks!

He's not only an android...he's an alien android! And a tropical one! Makes perfect sense!

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