Super Mates Episode 47: Star Trek TOS “The Paradise Syndrome”

I AM KIROK!!! Chris and Cindy take a look at another Star Trek romance! On an alien world doomed by an oncoming asteroid, Kirk loses his memory, but finds love with a Native American descendant named Miramanee. Can this new “god”, Kirok save his wife (!) and his people, or will it take the intervention of Spock and the Enterprise?

It’s got elastic headbands! Fringed mini-skirts! It’s got Shatner in buckskins, screaming at the sky! Classic Star Trek!

Plus, a brief SPOILER-FILLED discussion of Star Wars: The Force Awakens!

What did you think of this Trek episode? Who is Kirk’s true love? We’d love to read your thoughts aloud in an upcoming episode. Drop us a line in our comments section, or email us at If you’re listening on iTunes, please consider leaving a review of our show! We’re also on Facebook!

Chris (aka Earth 2 Chris) co-hosts the Power Records Podcast with the esteemed Rob Kelly!

Next Time: Cindy’s pick! We take a look at the new DC Bombshells comic series!

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