Super Mates Mini-Sode: Beauty and the Beast

Cindy, Chris and daughter Dani discuss the brand-new Disney live action film version of Beauty and the Beast! Join in the SPOILER-FREE discussion on the car ride home from the theater with the Franklins!

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Music from Beauty and the Beast: The Broadway Musical soundtrack

8 responses to “Super Mates Mini-Sode: Beauty and the Beast

  1. Recording an episode in your car? Now you’re working Kyle Benning’s side of the street!

    I enjoyed Dani’s full-throated, three-word review.

    Chris managed to A)talk a girl into watching BATMAN and then B)kissed said girl during it? Nice game, pal.

    I like hearing Angry Chris during the whole “is she French?” debate was brought up. FRANKLIN SMASH!

    Cindy calling Emma Watson the Audrey Hepburn of the 21st Century is a big deal, because I know how much she respects AH.

    Thanks for the mini-review guys!

  2. Once the car left the parking lot, we were free and clear from a Benning lawsuit!

    As for that first kiss, what can I say, I’m smooth like that.

    Few frivolous things anger me more than people griping about casting like this. There are exceptions (John Wayne as Genghis Khan, yeah, that was dumb), but for the most part, lighten up people.

    I was even shocked by the comparison to Hepburn. But Cindy is a big enough fan of both to make that bold statement!

    Thanks for listening!

  3. A great little mini-spode. I’d love to take my daughter to see B&B, but it would probably be a little too intense for her. Speaking of my daughter, she’d probably make a case for Anne Hathaway as another worthy successor to Audrey Hepburn (that is, if she knew who Audrey Hepburn was). My daughter is a big fan of the Princess Diaries movies.

    1. I can totally see Hathaway as another modern Audrey Hepburn.

      I never try to tell parents what their kids are ready for, because I know every kid, and parent have different ideas on that. But I was kind of surprised the movie wasn’t really intense in any part. The most intense thing was probably a scene of a real-world ailment. The Beast is actually pretty tame, even when he is at his surliest. Make of that what you will.


  4. Really enjoyed this mini-episode! The “way home” format of doing a review always provides the raw, most realistic reactions to a film. Dani said it all!! And Cindy’s obvious enthusiasm was a joy to hear!

    My wife and daughter are planning to see the film soon, and it sounds like they won’t be disappointed!

    And Chris should be commended on his editing of this episode. Considering he was driving, it must have been laced with numerous expletives that had to be removed. 🙂

    A lovely way to spend 19 minutes!

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