Superman II Movie Minute #16 – With E.G. Marshall as The President


Fire and Water Network All-Stars Chris Franklin and Rob Kelly bring you SUPERMAN II MOVIE MINUTE, where they analyze, scrutinize, and you'll-believe-a-man-can-fly-ize the classic 1980 film starring Christopher Reeve, Gene Hackman, Margot Kidder, and Terence Stamp, five minutes at a time!

In minutes 7500 - 8000, The Phantom Zone villains visit The White House, Clark and Lois take their relationship to the next level, and we get a cameo by our good friend Dick Donner!

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2 responses to “Superman II Movie Minute #16 – With E.G. Marshall as The President

  1. Perhaps Marshall’s best late-career performance is in INTERIORS (1978). He plays an older man who leaves his wife after years of being trapped in the rigid/sterile environment she created for their family. Geraldine Fitzgerald & Maureen Stapleton earned Oscars nods for their performances, & Marshall is equally good in his less showy role.

  2. “Oh… god!” “Zod.” I don’t care what anybody says. I loved that bit. I still love that bit. And you can quote it with anybody who has or hasn’t seen this movie and they get it. That’s movie immortality right there. Love!

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