Superman Movie Minute #24 – Stealing A Kiss


Fire and Water Network All-Stars Chris Franklin and Rob Kelly bring you SUPERMAN MOVIE MINUTE, where they analyze, scrutinize, and you'll-believe-a-man-can-fly-ize the classic 1978 film starring Christopher Reeve, Gene Hackman, Margot Kidder, and Marlon Brando, five minutes at a time!

In minutes 116:00 - 120:00, Miss Tessmacher saves Superman, and the Man of Steel then tries to catch up with one of Lex's missiles.

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14 responses to “Superman Movie Minute #24 – Stealing A Kiss

  1. FYI The SyFy channel will be airing Superman 1-4 on 3/18/18 in connection with the launch of its new “Krypton” series.

    1. When I mentioned they will be airing “Superman 1-4” I intended to mean the 4 Chris Reeve movies. Does #4 rate a second viewing??

  2. I think Superman could have saved himself. But knew that by feigning weakness, Miss Tessmacher would jump into the water, get her white outfit drenched, and plant one on him. Then she’d save him. Same result, better process!

    Never thought about how the lava scene echoes Krypton’s death throes. Cool!

  3. I was thinking about how Superman reacts to Kryptonite. Maybe I read this somewhere, but my theory is while radiation destroys cells in normal humans, Kryptonite radiation acts like a neurotoxin on Kryptonians, shutting down their bodies. So the nervous system is hit first, inducing extreme pain and loss of motor control. The comic writers vary this of course, so Superman can save himself or hang on until someone else comes to the rescue, but that basic set of symptoms is pretty consistent. It also explains why he can’t use his powers to get rid of the green K, like with heat vision or super-breath. His brain is unable to activate them, or the commands aren’t traveling through his nerves like they should.

    IMHO, the movie’s portrayal of green K poisoning is spot on. Chris Reeve sells the agony so well. I never questioned Miss Tessmacher saving him. Superman has green K hung around his neck, and he’s drowning! And agree with both of your suggestions that his “goodness” is what saved him. The fact that Tessmacher knows he’ll keep his word got her to jump into the pool. If she thought he would lie, she might not have done it. Very fun thought exercise.

    1. I know I saw somewhere (either in a comic or on TV) where Superman was able to muster enough heat vision to melt a piece of Kryptonite. I thought that was pretty cool, but yeah, its portrayed inconsistently. I like the neural shutdown idea. Works for me!

  4. I’ve always thought Superman had trouble catching the missle due to some lingering affects of the kryptonite. As he spent more time in the sun chasing it he was able to power up enough to do what was needed later.

  5. George Reeves and Christopher Reeve —

    When “Superman, the Movie” came out, I was somewhat older than Christopher Reeve. So, my Superman was George Reeves when I was a kid.

    Superman’s rescue of Lois falling not only convinced me that a man could fly, but also that I now had two guys who were my Superman.

    Both Reeves and Reeve were incredibly charming. The smile, the eyes and the voice could convince you of anything. I never met either man in person (I’d be kinda afraid I’d sign over my house and car to them), but both of them came through powerfully on screen.

    Right now, I’m ready to find another hero like my Superman and I have great hopes for Gal Gadot

  6. So Chris begins a story about a toddler wandering towards traffic and he starts running fast. And…?!? With Rob’s wind on the bridge story, we can at least assume it turned out alright because he is the one telling the story.
    I’m guessing everything ended up okay because I don’t think Chris would bring up a tragic tale just to brag about his ability to access the Speed Force.

  7. I don’t know guys. If Miss Tessmacher was moved by Superman’s innate goodness she wouldn’t have been horsetrading with him to prioritize Hackensack over the ENTIRE WEST COAST!!!

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