TreasuryCast #14 – Wonder Woman Special


To celebrate the release of WONDER WOMAN on June 2, Rob tackles two titanic treasuries starring the Amazing Amazon, featuring three titanic guests!! First up is FAMOUS FIRST EDITION #C30: SENSATION COMICS #1 with guest Diabolu Frank (DIANA PRINCE: WONDER WOMAN PODCAST), followed by a look at ALL-NEW COLLECTORS' EDITION #C54: SUPERMAN VS. WONDER WOMAN by Gerry Conway and Jose Luis Garcia Lopez with Angela, host of the WONDER WOMAN: WARRIOR FOR PEACE podcast! We wrap up with a chat with comics legend Gerry Conway!

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19 responses to “TreasuryCast #14 – Wonder Woman Special

  1. Frank asked if Wildcat ever got a Secret Origin. His first appearance in SENSATION COMICS #1, which you guys covered, was reprinted in the 1973 SECRET ORIGINS comic, alongside Wonder Woman’s origin from WONDER WOMAN #1. Wildcat did not get a retold origin in the ’80s SECRET ORIGINS series, that is, not one that was published. A Wildcat origin story was commissioned by Roy Thomas; Greg Brooks drew it and (allegedly) the entire story was completed, but then ol’ Greg went and got himself convicted of murder and the story was buried, never to be seen.

    Great episode, Rob! All three guests did a terrific job and you covered some terrific stories. Hmm… should’ve said *wonderful* stories…

    1. Thanks Ryan! I knew that about Wildcat and the 70s SO book, I should have brought it up at the time. I did NOT know that about the Thomas-Brooks version that was commissioned and then buried.

  2. Does the Superman/Wonder Woman story ever explicitly put the action on Earth Two? While this may seem an odd question, given the obvious WWII setting, I note that the Wikipedia article on Wonder Woman (take with grain of salt) suggests that the comics of the 70s set in WWII deviated from Earth Two in an apparent attempt to mirror the TV series. If one doesn’t assume an Earth Two setting, but simply takes this story on its own, the Daily Planet references need not be a mistake.

    1. The JSA show up in the Wonder Woman series while it’s set in the 40s, and many of those stories were written by Gerry Conway. So, we have to assume those at least, take place on Earth-Two. I believe the Earth-One Wonder Woman meets the Earth-Two version as the transition of the GA Wonder Woman taking over takes place.

      Also, if this is Earth-Two, Superman’s “S” is off, looking like the standard Bronze Age version.


      1. I don’t agree that the appearance of the JSA means that we’re talking about Earth-2. It only proves that Earth-2-like elements are at play in this universe.

        Unless Earth-2 is explicitly mentioned, I see no reason to assume that this story *must* be set there. Honestly, I wish Rob had asked Conway about Earth-2 during the interview, but I gather that everyone just assumed that, because it WAS WWII, it therefore HAD to be Earth-2. The existence of an Infinite Multiverse suggests that this need not be the case.

  3. Thanks for a great episode with great guest hosts.

    I am always amazed at how much of what I feel are key components of the WW origin (like the contest) aren’t part of this first story. The idea of Diana becoming an Annie Oakley type act always felt odd, almost like when Peter Parker wants to wrestle at first. And I think somewhere along the way in my travels, I heard the some fans head canon is that the Diana Prince that Wonder Woman replaces is a simulacrum by the Greek Gods giving the Amazon a ready made secret identity.

    Like others, my only true interaction with Mr. Terrific is his death in that JLA/JSA crossover. So I enjoyed hearing this origin.

    And I love Wildcat so reviewing this origin was also appreciated. Most of my early interaction with the character was in Haney’s B&B including my beloved B&B #118. As for Toth, I wonder Rob if you this reminds you of the one page Toth Wildcat pitch that I have seen on internet?

    Finally, the Superman v Wonder Woman story was brand new to me. I have always wanted to read it but have never seen it in the wild. If only Hippolyta’s name was Martha, this fight might not have happened.

    Thanks again!

  4. Lots of great guests on this one. I was amazed at how faithful the Wonder Woman TV pilot was to the early comic stories as Frank pointed out. I don’t believe I’ve ever read this story in it’s entirety.

    Howard Purcell went on to have a very long career in comics at both DC and Timely, and he worked way up into the late Silver Age. The Gallant Ghost is a better name for sure.

    Of course The Black Pirate plays a pretty pivotal role in James Robinson’s Starman, so his story here interests me. Wildcat is one of my favorite JSA members, so it’s fun to see his beginnings. His look is probably one that works best on the comic page, but man it’s a great, striking visual.

    I’m going to need to track down that Superman by JLGL (PBHN) hardcover, because I’ve wanted to read the Superman vs. Wonder Woman treasury since I saw it advertised back in the 70s. I’ve only run across it in the wild a few times, and it’s always been very pricey. Great to hear insight from a newer fan in Angela and then from the man himself, Gerry Conway! What a cherry on top.

    Great episode!


  5. Not much to say; this was a nice rundown of these books, with outstanding guests, and an interview with Conway at the end as icing on the cake. Great episode!

  6. That was a terrific Wonder Woman tribute episode Rob. Diabolu Frank’s Diana Prince podcast and Angela’s Warrior for Peace podcast are “must listens” for us every time there are new episodes and it was great to hear them on your show.

    Having Gerry Conway on your show was fabulous. I really enjoyed hearing his memories and enthusiasm for the book and the characters as well as his interest in history. And, of course, it was great to hear him talk about the art of Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez.

    I’ll just chime in on the Wonder Woman movie to say that Ruth and I both loved it. Easily the best of the recent DC movies, but that is a low bar. However, I will say that Ruth and I both agreed after seeing it that it was the best superhero movie we’ve seen since Superman I & II. A truly “wonderful” film. I hope DC has learned their lesson and will give us future movies like this.


  7. Cheers for another splendiferous show, I love that you always manage an easy rapport with your guests, Rob. The Golden Age Wondy origin is so familiar to me that it was the back-ups that really caught my interest.

    But before that, I have to say that after enjoying the new film, its fascinating to see Steve vs poison chemicals, gas mask and all. It’s always good to recall how darn sassy Diana was… would that modern Diana had a smidgeon of that humour.

    The Gay Ghost is an awful old stalker of young ladies and should be exorcised forthwidth. I wonder why DC didn’t change his name to the Gray Ghost, before it went to a Batman character? Then again, I’m with you (well, the implied you) in feeling they should have stuck with the original name and dared people to snicker – it’s not like they avoid Dick, is it? And what was the deal with Atlas Comics having a Grim Ghost?

    Talking of gay, will you look at that Black Pirate splash? Has he plundered his wife’s lippy? I can’t see me enjoying this as a kid, it’s far too much like a storybook. Still, I’m looking forward to the excellent Whatever Happened to the Black Pirate? from DCCP #48 being covered on a future FW show… heck, Aquaman is in the team-up section, you could cover that too.

    Mr Terrific’s costume looks awful on that splash page, so fey… that smock is just weird. I’ve never really liked any version of Mr Terrific, his power is that he’s just better than everyone and tells people about it – so annoying. Mind, he was crap at suicide.

    Wildcat has been so well-used (not like that!) over the years that it’s impossible to read his original stories without a bucketload of affection. This looks like a fun origin.

    Why do you hate Little Boy Blue, Rob, the whole concept of little kids bashing baddies in literal long underwear is adorable. And Shagg would love eventual female ally Little Miss Redhead.

    Anyway, fab opinions and insight from Rob and Frank.

    So, I need some behind the scenes info – given the excellent Angela hadn’t read WW vs Superman previously, did she get a copy from you so she could do the show? That would be brilliant! The opinion swapping was great, I’ve never read this either, though I may have a shrunk version in a trade. That Daily Planet sign was a definite mistake, the Daily Star had a … wait for it … star atop it. And I do smile when we get the phrase ‘mental telepathy’.

    It’s always nice to get some chat from Conway’s Corner, I’d love an extended interview on his WW work.

    How did DC decide what colour to assign these Famour Firsts? ‘Bronze mint series’?

  8. Sensation Comics Famous First Edition is a very important comic to me. It was among the first comics I read, probably just before I started collecting. It was in a box of clothes that some neighbors had donated to us. (Also a copy Swamp Thing #7!) I was already more familiar with the Golden Age milieu as I already had a copy of Jules Feiffer’s “The Great Comics Book Heroes.” Sensation FFE felt like an important comic and collectible. The stories were pretty memorable, especially if you read them over and over again, however Wildcat and Mr Terrific were the standouts for me! WIldcat is almost a given. It’s a good solid story with pathos, action, redemption, and no mushy stuff! I especially liked that Ted got the inspiration to wear a costume because he heard about Green Lantern. (He gives the kid a dollar and tells him to “buy a flock of comic books.” I always thought “Ten comics for a dollar! Wow!”)
    But there is a special place for Mr. Terrific. First of all is his name, Terry. That’s my name, too. There weren’t a lot of boys named Terry in the things I was reading as a kid, so that was pretty significant! ( I was always kind of envious of my school-chum Steve Rogers.) Terry Sloane is just a guy who is smart. I like seeing smart heroes! I always have. To me, that’s a role model. So there element were there to make Mr. Terrific a favorite. As I bought and collected more comics, I kept hoping to see him in a story. I saw him in an ad drawn by Murphy Anderson! But, I had already missed his spots in the JLA/JSA team-ups. When he made his cameo at the end of a JSA story I was very excited! And then he was killed. The victim for a “locked-room” mystery in the JLA satellite which was not satisfactorily solved! I’m still angry at Gerry Conway about this. And for all the things that happened to the DC Universe as a result of the Crisis On Infinite Earths, and for all the things that happened in subsequent crises, and for all the history retconned, eliminated, and re-set, I think that the crummy story of the murder of Mr. Terrific is the ONLY thing that happened in pre-crisis continuity that remained unchanged!
    Superman Vs. Wonder Woman is something I have never seen. I’m sure I didn’t see it on the stands in 1977. I just checked over at Mike’s Amazing World, and I bought every DC super-hero book on sale at the same time! (What a great time for buying comics!) I’m also pretty sure I’ve never seen it at a comic shop. Thanks for posting some pages, it’s beautiful! Regarding the Earth-2 matter; Wonder Woman the comic book was then set in 1942, on Earth-2. Superman’s shield and place of employment was not yet made specific. It would be four months later with Action Comics #484. “Superman Takes A Wife.” At the back of the book, someone (probably E. Nelson Bridwell) set in print the definitive distinctions between the Earth-1 and Earth-2 Supermen. The shape of his shield, his place of employment, etc.
    It was really great that Gerry Conway agreed to take part in the discussion! Thanks for remembering the fans, Gerry! (Although I’m still mad at him about Mr. Terrific!)
    Oh, and Frank’s ideas for a Wonder Woman-Captain America team-up, with The Justice Society and the Invaders, Treasury Edition is awesome! And I ‘m glad you mentioned Ross and his magnificent sit Super-Team Family: The Lost Issues and if that isn’t enough to get you there, here is a link:

    1. I’m not sure if you know that the killer of Mr Terrific was eventually revealed. That rather left a shadow on another poor hero.

      1. I was expecting the story from Justice League of America v1 #172 to be continued in a JSA tale published in Adventure Comics at the time, especially since the JSA adventure that immediately preceded this story (in Adventure Comics v1 #465) dedicated a subplot to Dr. Fate conjuring a complicated spell in order to prevent that murder from happening. Alas… we did not see the JSA defeat Mr. Terrific’s murderer… at least not then…

      2. I’m sure I’ve read it, but to memory now I can’t recall. Every aspect of that particular story is disappointing and unsatisfactory. I do like how James Robinson handled Terry Sloan is his afterlife in Starman.

  9. Great show, sirs and lady… I have two more podcasts to add to my library, and the inclusion of the Gerry Conway interview was a… ahem… wonderful bonus.

    Looking at the sequence in Superman Vs. Wonder Woman with the fuse box, Diana Prince seems to be holding a small metal canister that she most likely had in her purse, and she essentially shoved this metal can into the fuse box in the next panel to short it out. I suspect it may have been one of the first aerosol cans of insect repellent, which were developed in 1942 for American soldiers to ward off mosquitoes when stationed overseas… Being a Yeoman had its privileges…

  10. By the way, the Wonder Woman of Earth One also “purchased” Diana Prince’s name and credentials to assume a secret identity, as chronicled in DC Special Series #19 (the first “Secret Origins of Super-Heroes” digest published by DC). The other Diana Price married her fiance to become Diana White, and later had a son named Marvin… the same Marvin from the “Super Friends” program and comic…

    Which gives you a sense of the length of time Diana had been super-heroing in “Man’s World”…

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