TreasuryCast #15 – Marvel Treasury Edition #1: The Spectacular Spider-Man


Rob welcomes writer Sholly Fisch (SCOOBY-DOO TEAM-UP) to talk about one of Sholly's most beloved treasury editions, MARVEL TREASURY EDITION #1: THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN!

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7 responses to “TreasuryCast #15 – Marvel Treasury Edition #1: The Spectacular Spider-Man

  1. As usual, loved it. And it’s always an extra treat when you cover the the Marvel Treasuries, as out of the relatively meager number of these I had back in the ’70s, most were published by Marvel.
    And I especially loved Sholly’s story about his death-defying travails in acquiring this one; nothing similar happened to me, but I could certainly identify with his younger self’s frustration at being so inconvenienced and wanting more than anything else in the world to just get that damned book! I think I would have behaved pretty much the same in a similar situation at that age.
    Also, while I think Sholly’s suggestion for a Spirit treasury is quite good, it’s worth pointing out that from 1974 through 1976, Warren was publishing the Spirit Magazine, which reprinted the classic Spirit stories. Obviously, these were not even on my radar from ages 6 through 8 when they were being published, but I had the opportunity to see them later, and they are arguably the finest reprints of Spirit stories ever done (even if most of them are printed in black & white).

  2. Thanks for another terrific episode, as a huge fan of Sholly it’s excellent to hear him chat. I loved his story of trying to get this Treasury edition – talk about suffering for someone else’s art. I’m definitely buying the Mighty Mouse mini, it sounds very intriguing.

    As Sholly likes cutaways such as Batman’s utility belt and the Batcave, how about showing us what’s inside the Mystery Machine? Then again, Shagg seems to have gotten a close look this weekend at the convention – maybe he can do the honours!

    Surely this comic was released on June 18 to celebrate me?

    Anyway, it sounds a great selection of stories – all that great oversized artwork apart, the Human Torch team-up is what would have interested me the most because as you said, it’s a little-seen tale. It’s amazing they put in a single page of the Shocker instead of a pin-up or a puzzle. Still, now we know who the Shocker’s fan is!

  3. I’m a big fan of Sholly so was thrilled to hear him as a guest. His Super Friends book came out at the perfect time for me to get it for my kids. (He even brought Supergirl baddie Black Flame into an issue!) I have loved his Scooby Doo. But I also have to mention his back-up stories in the Grant Morrison Action Comics run in the New 52. All great. So thanks for bringing him on!

    As for this treasury, I agree with you that the ‘You hit the Jackpot’ moment is a huge moment in the Spiderman mythos, so I love that they included that story. As you say, it must be for that moment. And then having the Captain Stacy story is a gut punch. You would think that Spiderman 121 (death of Gwen) would be another groundbreaking issue worth reprinting. But maybe too dark? Or too much of a cliffhanger?

    And the pinup with him talking about his phobias is pure Parker!

  4. Thank you, gentlemen, for another great episode. It sounds like Marvel really hit it out of the park when it came to the story selection in their first treasury. There are a lot of gems here.

    As an aside, I wanted to give special thanks to Sholly for his work on Scooby-Doo Team-Up. My daughter has generally found Scooby stories, whether on screen or in print, to be too scary for her taste, but she does love her DC superheroes. I recently got her the first two Scooby-Doo Team-Up trade paperbacks in hopes that they would help her warm to the Scooby Gang, and it worked like a charm. My hats off to Sholly and all those who work hard to make such wonderful comics for young kids.

  5. Great episode! Add me to the list of folks who absolutely love Scooby-Doo Team-Up. It’s been in our pull files from day one, and my daughter Dani and I both really enjoy it.

    Sholly’s story was honestly my favorite from your excellent Hey Kids, Comics, Rob. I could totally see myself doing the same thing, and that sense of urgency has played into some questionable decisions on my part concerning comic purchases in the past. It was great to hear it here, “live”.

    That cover image of Spidey was perhaps THE licensed image of the character growing up. It was all over everything back then, including a Frisbee I kept for years and years and years. I wonder where that thing is?

    As much as I hate to admit it, I will admit that Marvel’s treasuries often seem more…professionally packaged than DC’s efforts. Much of DC’s “new” material in their reprint treasuries seem to be the work of new hires in the production department: probably the “Junior Woodchucks” honing their craft. Marvel’s output was much slicker.

    Again, great episode! I think Sholly should push for a Scooby treasury! Maybe throw in a fummeti of the old Batman team-up TV episodes to boot!


  6. I loved Sholly’s story in Hey Kids, Comics!, but it was great to hear it told.

    Good job guys. It took 15 episodes, but you finally got to cover the book that acts as the show’s banner! Yay!

  7. Been meaning to comment on Sholly’s Hey Kids, Comics! story since I read it in the book. I have a similar tale of getting hit by a truck on my way back from buying a comic at an unfamiliar convenience store along a dangerous highway while newly arrived to a state. However, my lost (but soon enough replaced) comic was Sledge Hammer! #1, drawn by Alex Saviuk.

    Rosebud was the sled.

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