TreasuryCast #16 – Close Encounters of the Third Kind


Rob welcomes IDW’s Editor-in-Chief (and mega treasury fan) Chris Ryall to talk about one of Chris’ childhood favorites, MARVEL SPECIAL EDITION #3: CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND!

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6 responses to “TreasuryCast #16 – Close Encounters of the Third Kind

  1. I may have said it before, but Treasury Cast is definitely my favorite show on the network. And I’ll say that until your next Digest Cast drops, at which point I’ll find myself thinking *that’s* my favorite show on the network, and then another Treasury Cast will appear – and so I swing back and forth between your most gigantic and minuscule shows, so to speak…
    Anyway, loved the show. I have fond memories of the movie, as it is one of the first “serious” movies (i.e. non-Disney, PG-rated) I went to see without parental supervision – my older sister, who had just got her driver’s license that year, took my brother and me to see it.
    I never had this adaptation, but I’ve always wanted it ever since I learned it was drawn by Simonson. And yes, he and Goodwin did an Alien adaptation that was originally published by Heavy Metal; it was reprinted a few years back by Titan Books and I highly recommend picking that one up. It’s a well-written adaptation, and Simonson’s art is, as usual, fantastic. In fact, I wish someone (you know, some independent publisher that works on ideas and designs, say) would similarly reprint this Close Encounters adaptation – but I’m guessing that idea would probably be held up by the nebulous web of rights and licensing issues you guys mentioned in the show.

  2. Great episode! I appreciate Chris hammering home Dreyfus’ character being a deadbeat Dad and husband and leaving his family like this! It’s always bothered me since the first time I watched Close Encounters on TV in the early 80s! I had no idea Spielberg had similar thoughts in hindsight. But no, I don’t want him to “fix” the movie. No more walkie talkies for guns like in E.T.

    Speaking of which, I think this movie sometimes feels like the “forgotten” Spielberg blockbuster. I know it’s not really forgotten, but it’s not mentioned as often as say Jaws or E.T. And there is little to no merchandise out there for it, so it loses a bit of ground in nerdom because of it.

    I’ve never read this adaptation, and I didn’t know it was by Simonson and Goodwin. The art shown here is of course, outstanding. Sounds like this would be a nice comic to reprint in a NEW treasury. Maybe by IDW?


  3. I agree with Chris’ initial assessment that it’s better not to know what happens after the end of the theatrical cut. And so there should be no sequel, in comics or otherwise.

    Then again, if it were something completely crazy like Jack Kirby’s 2001…

    Oh, and how strange to see Simonson’s work without John Workman’s trademark sound effects.

  4. Loved this movie and this comic, although long lost.

    As I said in Film and Water, I saw this in the theater with my father and found it fascinating. I don’t know if I quite understood it all back then. But who doesn’t know those 5 notes that means ‘hello’.

    Simonson is incredible. Thor, Dr. Fate, Close Encounters, everything …

  5. Thanks, gentlemen. For the longest time (as kids measure time), I was afraid to watch Close Encounters, but I loved it when I did finally see it. Out of all the amazing scenes in this film, my brothers and I got the biggest kick out of the Square Song that, I believe, plays when Barry’s toys are going crazy. As an aside, I have a theory that this scene inspired the Toy Story franchise. Any way, it’s great to see that Marvel produced such a beautiful treasury-sized adaptation of the movie.

    Also, thank you for the warning regarding the Special Edition. It has been duly noted.

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