TreasuryCast #18 – Superman The Movie


To celebrate the upcoming debut of the SUPERMAN MOVIE MINUTE podcast, Rob welcomes back fellow Network All-Star Chris Franklin to discuss All-New Collectors’ Edition #C-62: Superman The Movie! Miss Tessmaaaaaaacher!!

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9 responses to “TreasuryCast #18 – Superman The Movie

  1. Wonderful episode fellas! This treasury was probably the book most responsible for whetting my interest in comics collecting. I just turned 10 when the movie premiered so all the pages connecting the film and its characters to their comic book antecedents was just the thing for me. I still have my original dog eared copy of this treasury as well as the one from the sequel. I am really looking forward to your Movie Minute series that’s on the horizon. I hope you touch on how the film impacted comics. It never made any sense to me why the Phantom Zoners Ursa and Non weren’t incorporated into the comics until relatively recently. FYI For those who don’t watch the Supergirl TV show: Miss Tessmacher has been a recurring character on the show and even popped up on a Flash episode. Weird trivia: who would have guessed that Mon-El would be the first DC hero caught being indiscreet with Miss T.

    As for your Dick Tracy comments: Yes, you MUST do a commentary episode. It’s the only time I ever went to a midnight premiere screening. If you do a commentary episode I have the perfect guest: Charlie Korsmo. He’s a law professor here in Cleveland. After leaving acting he attended both Yale and MIT. He worked for Obama and now teaches corporate law. A couple of years ago, he attended a campus screening and Q&A session for one of his early movies: Men Don’t Leave (he played Jessica Lange’s son). He was very down to earth and was nice enough to sign my Dick Tracy book. I think he might be open to talking Dick Tracy or maybe even doing a Film and Water with Rob on one of his other movies (Hook, What About Bob?, etc). I can send you his contact info.

    One last thing to just throw out there: Personally, I would love to hear a podcast on classic comic strips. With all the wonderful collections now been republished in hardcover (Dick Tracy, Orphan Annie, Terry & the Pirates, Pogo, Peanuts, Prince Valiant, etc), I think there might be some listener interest. Instead of a deep dive with one particular strip, maybe a rotating selection of comics could be fun too. If anyone finds this remotely intriguing let me know.

  2. Another good one, gentlemen. I never had this one, and never even saw it on the magazine stands back in the day, but I’m not sure that I would have wanted it once I realized it wasn’t an adaptation (I was initially a bit put off by the fact that the novels, by Maggin, that came out to accompany the movies weren’t adaptations, either, but I came around because they were such good stories). Now, as as adult, I’m actually more interested in it.

    By the way, the adolescent musings on the lovely Ms. Perrine by you two (I’m not judging!) reminded me that pretty much the only thing I liked about the 1950s b&w Superman show was Noell Neill. Even in those conservative business suits, I found something alluring about her – this was only confirmed when I later came across pin-up photos of her from the ’40s and ’50s (Google them, they’re all SFW).

  3. What with all the comments about an adaptation, I was kind of curious. What would people consider to have been a good team to have worked on a Superman comic adaptation?

    I think having a book illustrated by JLGL would have been perfect, but does anyone thing DC might have gone in a different direction due to publishing realities/deadlines/availability/etc.? Might they have gone with Curt Swan (maybe with Murphy Anderson inking?) because he was the classic artist? Or Nick Cardy? Or even Neal Adams?

    Curious to see what people think…

    1. On an alternate Earth, part of the deal DC makes with Siegel & Shuster about getting proper credit for Superman, which was partly brokered by Neal Adams, involves getting Adams to do a photo-realistic comic book adaptation of the movie. That would have been EPIC.

      1. Adams, JLGL (PBHN) or even Rich Buckler would have been great. As much as I love Curt Swan, I would have wanted actor likenesses, and Swan’s other Superman Movie adaptations didn’t have those. I’m sure he could have done it, though.

        Painted cover by Nick Cardy!


  4. I can remember going to the movies and having a commemorative magazine being on sale at the concession stands. Has the advent of the internet killed the souvenir book?

    I didn’t have this one but love hearing you guys review.

    1. Cindy bought an Entertainment Weekly-produced Wonder Woman squarebound “magazine” at Wal-Mart when the movie came out. Retail was $15, so they haven’t gone away, they are just pricier, and kind of stealth-released in a lot of ways!


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