TreasuryCast #24 – Rudolph’s Summer Fun


Summer is here!’s Dan Greenfield returns to discuss ALL-NEW COLLECTORS’ EDITION #C-60, starring DC’s biggest star…Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer!

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9 responses to “TreasuryCast #24 – Rudolph’s Summer Fun

  1. Here’s a 1982 conversation between David Letterman & Gene Autry who says Rudolph was his biggest hit song and also the biggest hit for Columbia Records. By 1982 it had sold 12 million copies. It’s gone on to sell more than 25 million copies and until the 1980s it was the second biggest record ever (after White Christmas).

  2. Here’s composer Johnny Marks (1909-85) telling how he wrote the Rudolph song. Although he was Jewish, Marks specialized in Xmas tunes such as Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree, Holly Jolly Christmas, Silver and Gold, and many others.

  3. I’d like to see a more mature take on this. I’ve always consisted Rudolph the John Holmes of reindeer

  4. Great episode, gentlemen. I have to agree with Dan that the bicycle-copter was problematic. I’m not an expert on reindeer anatomy, but I don’t think their hind legs are capable of peddling a bicycle. I would have liked to have seen Grover ridding on a surfboard, which Rudolph pulled through the sky. On second thought, that wouldn’t have worked, because Marvel would have sued DC, claiming that the character bore too much resemblance to the Silver Surfer.

  5. As a Dad with kids who read comics, I really do miss things like this. Thankfully folks like Art Baltazar and Franco, and others like them, still manage to produce fun, kid-friendly content. A DC Tiny Titans treasury would be cool, and a no brainer when Teen Titans GO to the Movies comes out later this year.


  6. The Treasury Editions were (mostly) before my time, so I had no idea that this existed. So I very much enjoyed hearing about it — especially as I was listening while mowing the lawn, so a perfect “summer” activity! Thanks for the great show and looking forward to future episodes.

  7. But why would Rudy need a Whirly Bat, I thought the point was that he could fly?

    Rob, remember, the melting lady wasn’t Tenny Henson’s only Midnight: The Podcasting Hour appearance… he drew the even better ‘What Comes Hopping Down the Bunny Trail?’ in Unexpected. Christmas, Easter, truly Tenny was the king of holidays.

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