TreasuryCast #28 – Ghosts


It's that spooky time of year again, so Fire and Water Network All-Star Ryan Daly is back to take a look at LIMITED COLLECTORS' EDITION #C32 - GHOSTS, featuring work by Nick Cardy, Jim Aparo, Tony De Zuniga, Jerry Grandinetti, George Tuska, and more!

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5 responses to “TreasuryCast #28 – Ghosts

  1. Scrapfaggot Green! I can’t believe you skipped over that name… then again, I was listening in the shower, so who knows.

    That diorama really is rubbish, cutting out holes with no outside edge is too tough for most kids.

    Anyway, thanks for a great Halloween treat

  2. Jeez, just looked at the gallery page – between the Dark Mansions digest and the inside back-cover image from this Treasury, it seems like house pets just can’t catch a break this Halloween.
    You guys did a good job of summarizing the many stories in this book; the sheer amount of stories is a bit surprising. It seems more like something suited to a digest (like the House of Mystery digest I have, Special Blue Ribbon #24, which also contains 13 stories). And Ryan makes a really good point about there never being a Swamp Thing treasury: it’s truly mind-boggling that no one ever thought to reprint some of the initial stories, with all of that lovely Wrightson art, in the treasury format.

    By the way, according to the online bios I could find, Leo Dorfman died in July 1974 at the age of 60 – so about 2 months before this treasury edition hit the newsstands.

  3. Sounds like a fun collection. I remember seeing this and the House of Mystery treasury among the offerings in that huge ad DC ran in their comics for some time. Being the weenie I was at the time, it scared me, and I wondered why this skeleton guy was always bothering kids?

    I wonder if Ghosts’ solid sales figures came from the “on-the-nose” title? To a casual buy, “The House of Mystery” may sound a bit more like a detective series, but “Ghosts” just comes out and says “Hey, here are a bunch of ghost stories”. The “true” angle may have appealed to the readers of those “True West”, “True Romance” type magazines as well. Just a guess.

    I noticed Ryan left out one podcast he hosts on the network. Perhaps the “Ghost of Knightcast” will soon be haunting me?

    Oh, and I laughed at the Johnny Cash shout-out.


  4. I really enjoyed the show, guys. I thought this was a fun collection, and, like most folks, I found the Aparo drawn story to be the highlight of the issue. I love the early 70s DC Horror comics and treasuries, so this was a must buy for me.

    As for the All-Dorfman writing, he was very prolific back then. I’ve bought a good number of late silver/early bronze Actions recently, and, in many of them, Dorfman wrote the first story under his own name and the back-up under the pseudonym Geoff Browne.

    If you would like some suggestions for next Halloween, I’ll have to make them now, because I will have forgotten by then. Anyway, I think Batman’s Strangest Cases (as I’ve already mentioned, my all-time favorite comic book ever) or Marvel Treasury Edition 14, with the first appearance of Morbius, would make great Halloween reads.

    Edo, speaking of Wrightson, he has a story in the Batman’s Strangest Cases treasury.

  5. Hey guys, just finished the episode (I am way behind) and wanted to leave a quick comment.

    I started reading DC “Horror”/Mystery books in the mid 2000s as part of my general awakening to the depth and width of DC’s genre book output. While putting together long runs of these books can be difficult, picking up onesy-twosey issues here and there out of cheapie bins is easy, and the anthology format is perfect for that kind of collecting. And as such I have a lot of issues of the various DC Mystery books from the late 70s and into the 80s. And, I have to say, of those, Ghosts is usually the least interesting to me.

    Now, don’t get me wrong, the art is usually really strong in the title, and inevitably any anthology book will have varying quality, but the singular focus on ghosts in that series means that the stories tend to be a bit more redundant than the other series which utilized other horrific elements. While I applaud any series which delivers what it promises on the cover — the book is called Ghosts, so help me Gentleman Jim Craddock, you got ghosts — it does become a bit one-note.

    This treasury edition seems to fit in with that mold and my understanding of the series. So in that sense, I guess this is a success — it delivers a treasury sized version of Ghosts! May not be the most interesting read, but it says Ghosts on the cover, so there you go!

    Thanks for the show and very much looking forward to more!

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