TreasuryCast #30 – Giant Superhero Holiday Grab-Bag


It’s Christmastime, so Rob and fellow Network All-Star Chris(tmas) Franklin unwrap MARVEL TREASURY EDITION #13: GIANT SUPERHERO HOLIDAY GRAB-BAG, starring Spider-Man, The Avengers, Daredevil, and the Hulk!

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5 responses to “TreasuryCast #30 – Giant Superhero Holiday Grab-Bag

  1. Great episode guys!

    I always love when original framework stories are made as ‘glue’ to hold together a bunch of reprints, and this one was particularly fun.

    The Champions are like me in high school, sitting at home while the cool kids (Avengers,FF) are having a party.

    As for the Hulk not Banner-izing, I have always used the excuse that something petty is irking him below the surface and keeping him simmering in rage. Like here maybe he’s thinking ‘Again with gingerbread and molasses cookies?? they know I hate molasses cookies! I want anisette cookies at Christmas! Why can’t they remember that!’, just seething under the surface.

    And I am officially claiming the Guy Ritchie ‘Man from UNCLE’ for Film and Water when you watch it and see how awesome it is.

    Love the treasury cast. Thanks for doing these!

  2. Oh my gosh! Excellent! Finally a Marvel holiday treasury, and precisely the one I had back in the day – in my head canon, it was my comments to your past two Christmas shows that got you to choose this one this year.

    As I said, I had this one and just loved it, from the cover, through all the stories inside to the – to me – wonderful framing sequences. When this was first released in the winder of 1976, I was 8 years old and still pretty new to comics – I got my first comic about a year and a half before. So those scenes with the FF, Avengers and Spidey hanging out in the park and having a snowball fight were so cool to me. If it makes any sense, it made them and the Marvel U seem somehow more grounded or ‘real’ to me, as apparently its heroes hung out together and horsed around in their off-time. And the little bit with the Champions at the end was a nice touch – it didn’t occur to me when I was a kid, but now it seems like that was intended to serve as a little publicity for a fledgling title at the time.
    And you’re right about the stories in this book as well. It’s a really good selection that serves as a sampler for the Marvel line and showcases the work of some of its top artists past and present.
    Nothing more to say except that it was a great show, and best wishes in the new year.

  3. As the Champions were in my old French-language, black and white, JUMBO books, I thought for sure they’d be on par with at least the Defenders, if not the Avengers or FF. But no. By the time I got into English-language comics, they were nowhere to be seen (or had joined the Defenders). Good thing Herc was in my first run of Avengers!

    Nice to see them here!

  4. I just found out that the framework story was reprinted, without the stories they referenced, in a Marvel Christmas book in the 2000s. I don’t have that collection and wonder how the framing made any sense in that context.

    Thanks for the original sketch in the artwork. I had never seen it. I couldn’t really tell where Daredevil was supposed to be standing. In the sleigh with Ben or on a rooftop? I wonder if that is why he was dropped from the cover. Boring personal story: I used this cover for one of my wallpapers at work for December and got a lot of compliments on it, mostly from non-comics fans. Evidence of how eye-catching it is.

    One great thing about these grab-bag treasuries, like these Christmas treasuries, the Super Hero Battles, or the Super Villain Secret Origins, is that they give fans a treasury story for a character or that Marvel or DC didn’t think could support a treasury on their own, like Daredevil here. However, this treasury does feature a lot of Marvel’s heavy hitters.

    Rob, a couple of comments: You should DEFINITELY do a find your joy on the Hulk volume 2 Pocket Book. It has lots of exciting stories with great art by Buscema, Kane and Severin. I loved the book as a child, and I still have it in spite of having the issues reprinted in the Epic Collections.

    An answer to your reply about my Tarzan comment: Joe Bob’s Drive in Theatre started on the Movie Channel and showed uncut versions of movies. USA Up All Night showed the edited versions. I still blame both shows for the fact that if I ever made a list of my choices for the most beautiful actresses ever, it would literally be littered with B-movie actresses.

  5. Thanks for a wonderful show, I’ve only ever seen the cover of this one, I love framing sequences too; I do think that having the reprints include no festive fare is, though, a tad Tomahawk. I’d much rather they commissioned an all-New Champions Treasury… who wouldn’t buy that?

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