TreasuryCast #4 – Limited Collectors Edition C34: Christmas with the Super-Heroes

TREASURYCAST #4 - Limited Collectors' Edition C34: Christmas with the Super-Heroes

Just in time for Christmas, Rob welcomes fellow Fire and Water Network All-Star Chris Franklin (SUPER MATES) to talk about LIMITED COLLECTORS' EDITION C34: CHRISTMAS WITH THE SUPER-HEROES, starring Batman, Superman, Captain Marvel, The Teen Titans, and Angel and the Ape!

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13 responses to “TreasuryCast #4 – Limited Collectors Edition C34: Christmas with the Super-Heroes

  1. It’s Christmas Eve and I’m at work so obviously I’m commenting on this episode.

    I just bought this Treasury (yes the word deserves to be capitalized) a few weeks ago at one of the shops in the area. A little banged up but worth the ten bucks I paid for it. I love this cover enough to have had part of it serve as one of the wallpapers my computer cycles through.

    The Batman story is a favorite. The first time I read it was in CHRISTMAS WITH THE SUPER-HEROES, which has one of the single best Christmas covers of all time. It was also reprinted in that handsome, leather bound Complete Frank Miller Batman book that came out around the time of the movie. For years the ending was a bit of a puzzle because they really seemed to be focusing on that star and while it was fine and dandy, dandy and fine it felt like I was missing something. Flash forward to 2011 and I finally get my copy of DC SPECIAL SERIES #21 where I find out that the star thing was something that ran through all of the stories in that issue.

    LOVE the Teen Titans story. Like more than I should. The art is simply gorgeous and the story is Zaney Haney at his best. Chris mentioned that first page and I must have read the original at some point because I remembered the scene he was talking about. I don’t know where I remember it from because usually I just read reprints of this. Strange.

    Golden Age Superman stories are a lot of fun. Usually you end up wondering why Superman didn’t do something else but I, like Chris pointed out, get the sense that we’re applying our own perceptions of the character over what the writers of the time were interested in doing. This often makes the Golden Age Superman appear to be a little on the thick headed side and makes for a hilarious but entertaining read.

    I’m a big fan of the Golden Age Superman.

    I know. Shocking.

    Great episodes, Rob and Chris! I can’t wait for the next one.

  2. Thanks for the super (see what I did there?) fast comment Mike!

    I’m kind of amazed DC never did an all-Xmas Superman treasury, there were certainly enough stories to fill it. I guess they needed room for more Rudolph on the schedule.

    Merry Xmas!

  3. Quick aside; I didn’t notice the conversation about the Bob Kane picture. When you started talking about wanting to find it in a book my first thought was that MAKING OF BATMAN book and then you mentioned that Chris Franklin found it in the very same book.

    And where did that Superman clip at the end that I am totally going to steal…I mean listen to again?

  4. Man, for a split second, when I saw that you had posted a Christmas Eve podcast, I was hoping it would be one of Marvel’s two holiday treasuries – but alas. I had the second one, with the heroes pulling Ben/Santa’s sleigh on the cover, the one Chris mentioned with the framing sequence that included the heroes having a snowball fight in Central Park. Those images are still etched in my memory. Oh, well. Maybe next Christmas.
    Anyway, great conversation fellas. I particularly enjoyed the rundown of the Teen Titans story, as I vaguely recall reading that somewhere in one of the many places it’s been reprinted. Nothing beats Haney attempts at “hip” and “with it” dialogue in those stories, Daddy-O.

  5. I think this was the first Treasury I ever had. I distinctly remember my father buying it for me at the book-store and then giving it to me for Christmas in 1974. I *did* write in it and cut it up, so I had to buy another copy a few years later. I LOVED this book. For sure the Teen Titans was my favorite story in this group.
    Speaking of the Teen Titans, I would agree with Chris about how great this era of Titans stories were. I would mention that besides this “Swingin’ Christmas” and “Quit, Robin, Quit,” the other great TT story was “The Great Dimensional Caper,” which was in #16, I think.
    As for the inclusion of the Legion in that 1975 calendar, Chris is right when he said by this point they were co-opting Superboy’s book. Superboy #207 was on sale in Dec 1974, and that issue featured the first of many Mike Grell covers.
    Great job, guys, and Rob, if you don’t ask me to talk about one or both of those Legion Treasuries you will seriously hurt my feelings. 🙂

  6. I just want to point out that I love the rarely seen Marvel-style corner box figures of the DC heroes on that one page, and Nick Cardy did a Martian Manhunter one as well.

  7. Hi Rob, well, I’m hooked. I’m a Secret Origins podcast refugee, and I’ve been sampling other F & W ‘casts over the last couple of months, and you’ve got me! These Treasury Casts in particular are delightful as your enthusiasm is palpable. So too, that of your guests. I’m glad you embrace the goofiness of some of these stories. I embrace the creed of Bully, the Little Stuffed Bull; Comics Ought To Be Fun! I hope I can be a frequent commenter on these sites. Looking forward to more!

  8. I’ve only just started listening, so haven’t read the comments, so excuse me if anyone else has pointed this out – but in relation to what Chris was saying about Danny O’Neil liking a Christmas story, he also did one in Green Lantern/Green Arrow 113. I don’t recall whether or not there was a Christmas star, but it certainly fits the pattern.

  9. I think I forgot to mention the Teen Titans story was originally titled “The TT’s Swingin’ Christmas Carol”, but here it’s named “A Swingin’ Christmas Carol”. DC probably felt like that then-current readers wouldn’t be familiar with the abbreviation.

    Oh, and someone redrew a hastily rendered holly leaf and an a very rough “a” to make the change.


  10. Once again, Rob, you deliver an entertaining trip through the oversized pages of a fantastic Treasury comic. I don’t have this book, but I’ve read nearly all of the stories featured in other collections. And like you and Chris, I adore that goofy and gorgeous Teen Titan Christmas Carol.

    I don’t have much more to say besides you and Chris did a predictably stellar job in covering this giant holiday gift to readers and fans. Great job and Happy Holidays!

  11. Well I got through the podcast, such fun. I look forward to the Second DC Treasury, next year hopefully.

    That back page feature with the supervillains, though, surely if Bizarro is wishing us Merry Christmas, he is wishing us good things!

  12. I have always loved the Treasury Comics and this podcast is doing a great job covering them. I am 45 and my older brother(49) often go to cons and flea markets together. Treasury Comics still cause a fight between us, because when we find one for sale, it is always a race to see who can pick it up and buy it first. Still fighting after all these years.

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