TreasuryCast #55 – Superman and Spider-Man


Rob welcomes the hosts of the Married with Comics podcast, Maggie and Jonathan Schaefer-Hames, to discuss MARVEL TREASURY EDITION #28: SUPERMAN AND SPIDER-MAN!

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12 responses to “TreasuryCast #55 – Superman and Spider-Man

  1. It always brightens my day a bit when I see that a new Treasury Cast has dropped (and boy, did I need a mood-lifter today – had to deal with some heavy real life stuff).
    It’s also an extra bonus when you cover a book that I either have or had – in this case, back in the day I had the mass market paperback edition you mentioned. At the time I don’t even think I ever saw the treasury-sized book on sale anywhere. The smaller format was not a deal-breaker for me anyway, since you’re probably already aware how much I loved the digests (and still do). All that said, I wouldn’t mind re-reading this story again- since it’s literally been decades – in a bigger format: if not treasury than at least in the normal comic size.
    As to the story, I remember liking it well enough, although apparently not as much as many other comics fans, based on commentary about it I’ve read online over the years. The art is, naturally, damn good, and I’m surprised that there were so many inkers who contributed. Like you guys noted, I think it has a very consistent look throughout.
    Maggie and Jonathan, by the way, were great guests; I think they should definitely return to Treasury Cast if you ever get around to covering the first Superman-Spiderman crossover, since they already have not only a history with the book, but also experiencing in podcasting about it…

      1. Ha! You make a good point about Digest Cast. In fact, now that I think about it, this could (should?) have been a joint Treasury/Digest Cast.

    1. Let me add myself to the list of people with the paperback version. I just pulled my copy off the bookshelf to compare with the scanned pages in the gallery. Due to the aspect ratio, it appears many pages were split up. In the treasury, there might be 5 panels on a page. The paperback puts 2 on one page and 3 on the next with the word balloons rearranged to fit. For big splash pages, the artwork is cropped for space as well.
      Like Robert above, I never realized there was a treasury version much less what I was missing artwise. The same goes for my paperback copy of Batman vs the Incredible Hulk.

  2. Great, fun discussion. Cindy and I are about as geeky as they come, but I have to bow to John and Maggie for skipping part of their wedding to go buy a treasury comic. THAT’S commitment.

    Full disclosure, I was too young to get the original Supes vs. Spidey treasury off the stands, but I saw the house ads for this one, and was really jazzed about it. I was thrilled to find a copy at our town’s Begley Drug Store. I flipped through it, ready to go beg my Mom for it…and then I saw that Hulk “Power” ad. After nearly peeing my pants, I put the book down and walked away. I watched the Hulk every week on TV, but that giant image of a furiously monstrous Hulk was just too much for my young weiney brain to deal with.

    So I had to wait until the DC/Marvel Crossover Classics TPB to read this one. It is VERY Marvel, and you are all right, this is a great preview of what may have been if WB had sold their DC rights to Marvel.

    Oh, and Buscema drew that “Just Imagine Stan Lee Creating Superman” comic in 2001, but that wasn’t the real Superman, so it doesn’t count. Although, a few years prior to this, Jennette Kahn ALMOST lured Buscema away from Marvel, right before the DC Explosion/Implosion, as detailed in the wonderful Comic Implosion book from TwoMorrows.


  3. I’m only here to second the demand for the Matt Berry/Dr.Doom casting (Faaah-ther!). Jonathan hit gold!

    Maggie and Jonathan were great guests and I really enjoyed this episode. Well done, everyone! Keep up the great work!

    1. Berry’s an entertaining ESPN fantasy football analyst and I realize that he did have a cameo appearance in Endgame but I just can’t see him as Dr Doom. Or is there another Matt Berry?

      1. The Matt Berry I’m thinking off (and who’s voice was the stinger at the end of the episode) is a fantastic, comedic English actor. He’s known for shows The IT Crowd and Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace. I believe he is currently in What We Do In The Shadows.

  4. I have so many thought
    1 As spider-man Superman team up it’s flawless.
    2. The hulk Superman fight made me mad it was’nt nearly as cool as the totally fake Superman vs Hulk comic my brother sent me looking for.
    3 that Wonder woman jump started puberty (especally given the Jim shooter ALMOST sexy script) “Do you desire the woman, Parasite?”
    4. As an older read I’VE grown to love how the early intercompany crossovers just said “oh screw it its all the same universe

  5. I’ve only reached this in a trade but it’s great stuff. Nothing will compare with that first team-up in terms of impact – the first non-Oz DC/Marvel book – but this is a terrific story.

  6. Great to see Big John Buscema draw Superman, which surely influenced Ron Frenz’s take during his run. Too bad that as far as I recall, he only did the Stan Lee “Just Imagine” one after this.

    Not so much worried about his returning to Wonder Woman.

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