TreasuryCast #64 – Giant Superhero Holiday Grab Bag


It's the most wonderful time of the year! Rob welcomes back fellow network all-star Chris Franklin to discuss MARVEL TREASURY EDITION #8 - GIANT SUPERHERO HOLIDAY GRAB BAG!

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6 responses to “TreasuryCast #64 – Giant Superhero Holiday Grab Bag

  1. Great episode, but then ever time Mr Kelly and Mr Franklin cohost an episode it’s great. I think I could listen to the two of you talk about what to do with holiday leftovers.
    Nick Fury is holding an official Commando Cody carbine action disrupted ray gun with a compass in the stock! Ok… I have no idea what he’s holding… but! I’m betting his head gear was used to cover up his gray temples to make it easier to meet women at the singles bar.
    I absolutely adore the Hulk dressed up as Santa holding the kid on his lap. Hulk may hate puny humans, but he was always good with the kids.
    It’s obvious that Marvel wanted their two biggest superstars Hulk, and Spider-Man to be in this treasury. Those two are undoubtedly what sold the majority of the books. Parents and grandparents would recognize them and make the purchase for the young superhero fans on their Christmas list. I also get that Marvel didn’t have holiday specific tales to reprint in them. I just don’t get why they decided Spidey sees a Psychiatrist as the tale they did pick! Really!?! Of all the Spidey stories published up to that point, that’s the one they chose?
    Anyhow, thanks for another great listen.
    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a ver Happy 2022!

    1. Ps. The back cover is great! I love how Santa is seemingly sending the heroes off to do his bidding! “On Fury! On Cage! On Spidey & Strange! Bring joy to the world! Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight!”

  2. All right, I have to admit that – back when I was in third grade, so 1977 – I had a Red Skull Halloween costume. Basically, I wanted something that had crossover appeal: comic readers would get the reference, while ‘normies’ (or ‘muggles’ I guess) would just think it’s some kind of ghoul with a bright read skull face. The implications of dressing as a Nazi were kind of lost on me at the time (and no, I did not trade in my Red Skull mask for a MAGA hat…).
    Otherwise, I have to push back a bit on Mr. Franklin’s assertion that even Ditko’s women looked kind of ‘off’. Not true! He tended to draw very attractive women – they were distinctly done in his style, but they were usually quite fetching as depicted. This is particularly true of Peter’s potential love interests, Betty Brant, Liz Allen and Gwen Stacy. In fact, I’ll add that personally I was never a fan of the way Jack Kirby drew women, then or afterward.
    Finally, on the topic of having cliffhanger stories in reprint books like this one, I’m reminded of one that confounded and frustrated me for years: in Son of Origins, the Iron Man story from Tales of Suspense #197 was reprinted after the IM origin story. It’s just one installment in a longer story arc and ends on a complete cliffhanger. I *finally* read the rest of the story only a few years ago (which I wrote about at some length at another site, the Atomic Junk Shop).

    Anyway, great show as usual, gentlemen. It’s a bit sad to know that you’re running out of Holiday Grab Bags to discuss…

  3. Happy belated Holidays, everyone! I finally had time enough to myself to enjoy the Holiday Grab-Bag episode. Nothing says Christmas like domestic terrorism and mental health issues. I view that as more of a January thing, but maybe that’s just me. Man, I know it’s a “grab bag,” but maybe Marvel should’ve “grabbed” some more Christmasy stories. But, it’s the thought that counts, so I will say I enjoy the cover. Nice to see Cage decorate the tree with a chain(?) and Nick Fury get a new Kirby-themed hookah pipe. Then the heroes all gather on the back cover to beat up some baddies at Santa’s behest. A true classic.
    And finally, a humble request: with the winter Olympics rapidly approaching, are you finally going to cover my all-time favorite treasury: Spider-man Vs. The Hulk At the Winter Olympics?

  4. This sounds like a poor effort in terms of content. If Marvel had no suitable Christmas stories starring their marquee characters they might have used good done-in-ones starring anybody, and had Spidey and Hulk ‘present’ them either via the contents page or little strips pasted onto page one. That has to be better for a little kid than stories with not a sniff of snow.

    Looking at the gallery, Hatemonger’s power looks to be inspire laughter, that’s not the most forbidding of poses, and that outfit! Go on, admit it, it’s really Aunt May. Dr Strange, in the final pasted-up panel, also looks like a right old mincer; mind, I did love that new look.

    I’m with Edo, Ditko’s ladies had a certain allure, especially Clea.

    Great show, boys, ‘see’ you in December!

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