TreasuryCast #69 – Shazam!

Rob welcomes comics fan Chuck Dill to discuss LIMITED COLLECTORS' EDITION #C35, starring Shazam!

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11 responses to “TreasuryCast #69 – Shazam!

  1. Great discussion on a comic that was for many years a Holy Grail of mine. I saw this cover featured in those full-page ads of all DC’s treasuries (or tabloid editions), and even as a small kid, I KNEW it was the guy from the TV show! A few years back at Lexington Comic Con I found a decent copy for 10 bucks, and I couldn’t pay the guy fast enough! Jackson Bostwick was a GREAT Captain Marvel, and 70s hair aside, looked just like his comic counterpart. Moreover, he had that unquantifiable attribute that few super hero actors possess, to not look awkward or weird in the suit. No offense to John Davey, who replaced him, but when MIchael Gray transformed in the opening credits, and it WASN’T Bostwick, I died a little inside.

    For those of you interested in sampling the show again it (and nearly every 70s sci-fi oriented show) is streaming for free on tubi.

    I was so hooked on the cover, I don’t think I’ve read the stories inside yet! I usually enjoy the Fawcett Marvel stories, so I need to do that…tonight! Oh, and if you can find it anywhere, I’d try the Filmation 80s cartoon again, Rob. It does skew a bit more toward the wacky Fawcett material. I mean there’s Uncle Dudley and Tawky Tawny in it, for one. Some early scripts by Paul Dini as well!

    Captain Marvel, Sivana and several other Marvel Family villains were set to appear in The Challenge of the Super Friends, but Hanna Barbera realized they didn’t have animation rights to those characters, Filmation did. Oddly enough, HB had somhow got the live action rights by this point, so they did include Captain Marvel, Sivana (played by Ernest T. Bass himself, Howard Morris) and Aunt Minerva on the Legends of the Super Heroes specials.

    I’m going to have to check out Chuck’s toy collection. Sounds like I have a kindred spirit! I have seen that Shazam cereal bowl, and it’s beautiful. My family picked me up a 70s Shazam Little Golden Book with art by Kurt Schafenberger recently. It’s gorgeous!

  2. Oh, man, the talk about the show and the photos from it in your image gallery really brought back some Saturday morning memories. Personally, I recall Shazam and then Isis coming on earlier than noon, maybe 11 a.m., because by noon some of those other live action Saturday morning shows started airing (like, say, Run, Joe, Run or Ark II). But yeah, I well remember that once the live action stuff started, it marked a transition in programming – although I recall at least one channel maintained the kiddie material, by airing some mid-day movie matinees. Anyway, if the weather was nice, or even if it wasn’t, that was usually the point when my mom – tired of seeing me glued to the TV since about 7 a.m. – made me go outside…
    As for Bostwick vs. Davey, I remember always liking the former better (and finding the transition jarring when I was a kid), but looking at photos of them both now, I have to say that Davey, with rounder face and beefier build, had a greater resemblance to Capt. Marvel as drawn by C.C. Beck.
    Oh, and one more thing: I’m pretty sure Otto Binder’s surname is pronounced with a short ‘i’, that is, it rhymes with hinder.
    Otherwise, great show as usual, gentlemen. My compliments to Chuck.

  3. Great show guys. I always look forward to a new Treasurycast. This was a blast from the past! I forgot that I owned this one back when I was but a little tyke. When I saw it in the gallery post it all came rushing back to me. In the late 70s I only knew Shazam from the live action show. I actually thought this treasury edition was an adaptation of the show. It was several years before I learned he had in fact originated in comic books. The creative team behind Captain Marvel/Shazam truly knew the recipe for fun comics. Captain Marvel is a rare example of an innocent and wholesome superhero.
    On a semi-related note. Did you know Marsha Brady dated both TV’s Billy Bateson and TV’s Peter Parker? Neither one lasted long. I guess the couldn’t live up to Davy Jones.

  4. Well done to Chuck for a great debut.

    I don’t have this treasury, it sounds a winner, especially the business with the witch. I did see the ads for it as a kid and certainly got the impression it was a photo cover. I wonder if the reason comics didn’t do photo covers very much was that they were pretty naff – remember babysitter Captain Marvel and the infinity comic? Either we would get someone dressed up and looking all wrong, or an illustrated title character against a photograph (Superman had a few of the latter).

    Could DC not call him Captain Marvel on the cover, I thought that was in the actual subtitle… hmm, it disappeared with #15, when ‘… the original Captain Marvel’ became ‘the worlds mightiest mortal’. Yet it appeared not once, but twice, on issue 32’s cover. That’s the first issue in which Jack C Harris gets an editorial credit (Joe Orlando is listed as co-editor, must have been passing the baton). Maybe JCH made a boo boo.

    I was also confused as a kid by Dr Sivana’s two sets of children… I could ‘Roy Thomas’ Beautia and Magnificus by bringing in Captain Nazi as their real dad. Too New 52, I fear. The main problem I had with the four kids was that the ugly ones were evil like their dad while the good-looking ones were good… Bad message

    Kurt Schaffenberger did occasionally draw himself into Silver Age DC stories, he was very natty.

    The original last half-page of Captain Marvel Adventures #100 was similar to the one in the Treasury, with Cap thanking readers for their support, and holding that issue.

  5. Great episode as usual Rob and welcome to the world of podcasting Chuck! Rob got me into it and a couple years later I have my own show! Great insights. This cover stood out on the stands for sure and all of us are suckers for photo covers. Ah the diorama! Love that stuff. And there is a great biography of Otto Binder that I highly recommend –

  6. Impressive podcast most impresses. The cover looks cool. And the TV show was fun enough. The costume does look close enough to comic. Though I definitely enjoy the Levi movies better. The guy going hunting is interesting enough. Though it’s weird that he’s firing a rifle in the scope one at close range. And I realize most animals don’t see in color. But, this is one weird costume to wear. If you’re trying to be camouflaged in the forest. Why would you wear a purple jacket? The Green pants don’t match any of the foliage. Also the gun looks to be both action, but also has a cocking mechanism. Just how many ways are there to shoot this single action rifle? The story itself is fine. And him deciding to take photographs instead of hunting makes sense for this character. But this is the first place you can send them all at much time. Not sure why he’s going out hunting anyway. Even back then it was in requirement unless you live the place for you had to eat. And I’m guessing since he lives a row Bottle he can get to a supermarket of some sort. I’m pretty sure Fossett city is not out in the middle of no where. Was a part of a club he joined or something. I’m not sure why this man needs to all.

    Moving right along. Sivana makes a decent experience as the woman of the story. Not sure why you would hear him to Luther at the time. In the original publication or at least near the time of when took place. Luther had red hair and was an arms dealer. The closest he would be would be to the Ultar human nite. I don’t really look like him either. Well then being that was or is Ultra. The story itself is decent weird thing seeing talking Tanny getting beat up by this Guy. The one that Mark Strong played probably. Not so much this guy. And in the next story with the billions of Dr. S clone attacking the big red cheese. Kind of reminds me of my YouTube comments. I’ll even go to YouTube anymore. But every so once although be a goofy comment. And since I’m not making videos right now they’re kind of useless to me. The moral family pinup isn’t bad. But, it could’ve been a much dynamic image. Billy making a clone of himself well android works well enough. The how to draw That little bit at the back was pretty cool. And I remember getting the DC how to draw characters thing a while back. Though those had the big 3+ Robin. Still these look pretty cool. Yeah I didn’t realize I was going to make it as a living, still I was like in my 30s. Moving right along. The Capt. Marvel Junior thing was fine.

    Though I am surprised that this was the big inspiration to everyone. Since both Dave Cockrum and Elvis were inspired by this character as a kid. I too saw the Filmation cartoon those attached to something called superhero high. I remember the voice of skeletalor voicing uncle Dudley and talking Tanny. Alan Oppenheimer was great in that cartoon. He also voiced the Dr.S on that one. Though I remember is as part of Hero High. The cartoon about the movie. Which has live action and then a cartoon and then when that was over the shazam’s and would start. I think they were both for the same show. Probably like the Flintstones and the thing cartoon. I’ll just skip over Capt. Marvel versus the world. The bit where they show photos of the actors from the TV show is fine. Though you’d think they could find a shirt that fit the guy playing Billy. And you can definitely tell the people who created Ben 10 were a fan of the show. I don’t think I ever bought this trade though it looks cool. The CC Beck Art is great. And you stuff is not bad. Can’t wait to hear the next podcast.

  7. This was lots of fun to listen to, everyone! It was great to hear Chuck and his experiences with this Treasury. As I have mentioned before, I never got the Treasuries but, with Captain Marvel being my favourite character, I knew this and the other two Shazam Treasuries existed but getting them now is, unfortunately, very expensive. I grew up with the cartoon and the DC series (and don’t forget the Super Powers figure and even the Viewmaster reel!) but, sadly never found the TV show. Maybe it was just bad Canadian programming?

    You guys did a really good job talking about these stories. I love them so much for their wackiness and, most importantly, fun. Let’s see Superman talk to a anthropomorphic Earth! And it was great to hear you guys emphasize the fun and, hopefully, this leads to more Captain Marvel fans!

    Well done, everyone! Keep up the great work!

  8. I have to admit, I’m not much of a Captain Marvel/Shazam fan. So as a kid, this particular treasury edition never interested me much. But, looking through the pages Rob posted, it looks like ridiculous fun. I loved the image of Captain Marvel revving up to punch the shit out of Earth. Yes, I know it would be counter intuitive, and the story is ahead of its time regarding preservation, but it’s a great picture! Plus, now I can finally cut out a diorama of Captain Marvel appearing to have lost his keys in Colorado. If DC ever wants to make him really work again, I think Batman: Brave and the Bold did it right by leaning into the golly gee campiness, Captain Marvel, or Shazam now, works best with a wink and a smile. Great show as always, Rob.

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